Lib talk show host Bill Press says American voters are dumb. Stupid. Crazy. Insane. Repeat ad nauseum.

by editor on November 4, 2010

What’s that? You voted for conservatives on Tuesday? Well, then you’re just plain crazy. Or stupid. Or maybe crazy and stupid.

Even that Allen West fella down in Florida is crazy. But he’s “a special brand of crazy” while you’re just ordinary crazy.

Lib radio talk show host Bill Press says so. And you just can’t argue with a man who counts his listeners in the hundreds.


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I really hate the “People vote for republican’s against their best interest” meme. THERE ISN’T A BIG MAGIC POT OF CANDY THAT EVERYONE CAN TAKE. They take it from you and me and maybe some people figured that out.

Good lord. How about we just let the south secede again. Then these people can all live in the north and everyone sane can live in the south. The north can see how their “free everything for everybody!” plans work out when they don’t have decent people to yolk with taxes.


“Dumb as hell.” That’s exactly what I was saying when Obama was elected. I also thought that when McCain won the last Republican Presidential Primary. And I’m still saying it now, when I see that Pelosi, Ried, Boxer, and the like, are still in office. And that Press has a radio show.


Yeah, Bill, I’m crazy. So maybe it’d be better not to piss off the crazy guy, know what I mean?


If Bill Press loses a couple more IQ points, you’d have to water him twice a week.

Elrond Hubbard

Keep talking Bill, every time you open your ignorant, bigoted mouth more people realize the Democrats are a gang of elitist snobs.


Wow. So this is what a left-wing pity party sounds like. In Press’s rehashing of excuses for the election results, did he mention ObamaCare at all? Because I think that was kind of a big f****** deal.

matthew s harrison

The funny thing about these ass holes on the left is, they espouse ideals that have been repeatedly proven wrong: Communism(proven wrong from Russia to China, to NK, to Cambodia, Vietnam, all of the former Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union, etc. Furthermore, there isn’t a shred of evidence anywhere on earth that keyenesian economics does anything other than destroying countries and turning them forcibly to socialism.
Furthermore, the legalization of alcohol has proven to destroy our culture-and a sub-culture has grown around the drug-and now they want to legalize other drugs, far more addictive, etc.
Additionally, the “welfare” socialist-lite that the left have foisted upon America has proven to do exactly what FDR set it up to do (keep blacks and non-black have-nots, right where the left wanted them, at their beckon call, and under their thumb), but the opposite of what the left-side sheeple were praying it would do.
So, to nutshell the whole thing-Press, and the other idiots of the left are continuing to make the same decisions, and to do the same banging of their heads against a brick wall, all the while expecting a different outcome. That my friends shows they are not only the idiots, but they are probably psychopaths-as that is the literal definition of psychosis.
Now, when these morons decide to read a non-bastardized history book, one that tells the truth about the failures of mankind, the failed social experiment that is communism, the failed social experiment that is welfare in the US, the failure of socialized medicine in every country that has it(save scandinavia where income tax is north of 65%), then they can come here and discuss with us the err of their ways.
Until then, I will continue to laugh when guys like press, who claim to be intellectual, but are really dim, who are one trick ponies, and who spew nothing but lefty sound-bytes with nothing really to say of his own thinking. I will also continue to wonder why it is, voters in places like California, NY, MA, and the Pacific Northwest(to name just a few), continue to elect officials who espouse ideals which are proven over the last few thousand years not to work.
I have 2 words for Press, Obama, Frank, Pelosi, and the rest of the retards on the left. ROMAN EMPIRE.


Who cares? Nobody heard it. Like Conner said, I never heard of this dikwad before this post.


They want to say that the same people or a great majority that voted for Obama two years ago were so smart back then but NOW they are stupid. So those people went stupid within two years of Obama’s reign? Who is to blame here? Did the people change or did the management suck?


call half of america stupid and crazy isnt a way to get your message out or for people to like you i never heard of this clown till you posted this segment and makes me glad i cant here him in wisconsin


Elitism at its best.So when does Obama and the dems start being held responsible for what they are doing? I know if I screwed up at a job for “20 months” I’d be fired. I know I’d be fired long before the 2 year mark.It doesn’t surprise me. Liberals started making excuses about the election even as the country threw the bums out.

Check this graph out:

It lists the historic economy in the last 20 years under the various congresses that we have had over us. The current one, that people voted against on Tuesday, started in 2006. That would be two years before Obama was elected. That is when the economy really started to take a dump.

Do these radio show hosts not do any research?