CBS’s Schieffer likens Obama ‘taking on the gun lobby’ to hunt for Bin Laden, ‘defeating the Nazis’ Schieffer, pumping up your lord and master Obama’s rep is BS. Obama didn’t take on the Nazis, nor was he there when Bin Laden was killed. Had be been he probably would have defecated on himself. Moreover, libtards like you ARE the Nazis. The Nazis disarmed the Germans and others so they had total control over a defenseless citizenry. It’s more like the NRA and the gun owners are taking on the Nazis (aka libtards like you). As usual you libtards have it conveniently backwards.

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CBS must be going broke due to all the face powder needed to cover up the huge brown spot on Schieffer’s nose from all of his Øbama ass kissing. I sure hope Øbama has brake lights on his butt, otherwise Schieffer might end up with a broken nose if Øbama stops to fast.


Where’s the out cry from others on the left? They are too busy lining up to service the true Nazi (barry). Schieffer is so blinded by ego and ignorance that he can’t see the prude evil that is right in front of him.

The NRA has defended more people’s rights than the liberal press ever has.


But that doesn’t count since they’re only defending the rights of evil gun owners.

Jim Stewart

Schieffer must have gotten a new supply of chap-stik so he can resume kissing ass.


Outside of the fact that the NRA is fighting America’s push toward national socialism in the name of the workers & “fairness”, maybe if Schieffer would take an honest look of history OUTSIDE his little bubble, he would’nt believe much of what he says. Of course, Schieffer is in the mold of what CBS has been since Uncle Walter was soft selling leftism back in the day. CBS can bite it, & Schieffer should just go away.