Census: Residents fleeing Baltimore in record numbers. Fleeing yet another Democrat created shithole.

Since 2015, Baltimore has experienced a record loss of population, according to the US Census Bureau. The reasons are plain enough, according to Dan Rodricks of the Baltimore Sun:

An insane rate of shootings and homicides; the continued movement of families to the suburbs, something reflected in declining school enrollment; the persistent image of lawlessness since the April 2015 unrest; the shortage of police officers, low morale among cops who remain on the job, the turnover among commissioners; weak or uneven political leadership, and, as always, a property tax rate double the rate in the counties.

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Americas socialist form of democracy is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families.

Not so silent
Not so silent

The problem is the people who leave take their idiotic liberal ideas with them thinking it will be better next time and then screwing up wherever they move, Look at Nevada, washington and Oregon…All ruined by idiots from Kalifornia..