Chris Matthews latest lunacy: Calling Obama’s economic policies “European” is some kind of slur

by editor on June 6, 2011

Ol’ Chris has found something new to be upset about. Republicans have come up with a new way to insult his Tingle Maker in Chief.

We wish we were making this one up but, no, there’s a video clip to prove Chris Matthews actually said these words. And to prove that spittle was flying from his mouth as he said them.

“This is not a funny thing. There is a weird thing about your political party [Republican]. It’s nativist. It is weird. Obama — you still have a big bloc of Republicans that say he wasn’t born in this country, in Africa or somewhere. Now you’ve got this sophisticated, this prep school educated governor of Massachusetts out there saying ‘he’s awfully European.’ What in hell does that mean? … I don’t get it at all. I just consider it a slur.”

For once, Michael Steele was a rational, steadying influence who tried to explain the whole thing to Matthews.

But the MSNBC host was having none of it.

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Chrissy Matthews and Gov. Rendition are both as dense as oak and as light as balsa. Neither one of them could stand up to Michael Steele by themselves and even by ganging up on him they only showed how utterly vapid the both of them are. Chris Matthews was rude enough to cut Michael off before he could give the answer to Chris’s stupid question. It was making sense to me and I’m not anywhere near as smart as Chris Matthews or as continental and sophisticated, I’m just so provincial and naive.


“I’m just so provincial and naive.”

But you wear it well. 🙂


Indeed it sounds like my kind of gent to me.


It is a slur against Obama half white side, because even though Muslims are taking over, Europe is considered a white (mostly) continent. So I guess Chrissy also wants to protect the white sensibilities of Mr. Obamie. He is a good lover… erm… fan, trying to protect the object of his affection from any possible bad thing.


Let’s see if I’m getting this straight:

Calling the POTUS “European” = slur.

Calling a white dude “WASP” = what? a sign of respect?

I think the tingling went up his leg all the way to where his brain used to be.

What a buffoon.

Buck O'Fama

You know what I’d like to see on “Hardball”? Chris Matthews sittin’ between Michelle Obama and a pile of tamales.


Only whites can be raycisss and white males have no choice, it’s automatic, we are genetically predisposed to ethnic and sexual dominance, as well as global and atmospheric dominance. Apparently though, a black male can be cast into the white male pool of racism if he does swallow the entire length of the shaft of liberalisticism. Any republican affiliation is sufficient to demonize anyone to their purpose.

Now, Chrissy, he admits that he is a reformed raycisss by maintaining that untainted palor of bottom dwellers, that pasty whiteness of thin skin all over his fattened, plump, fleshy disgustingness. He really does need an apple in his mouth and the large rotisserie skewer thru n thru to complete the look.


I guess Chris is right in a round a bout way. As Most of Europe is being taken over by Islam then perhaps making reference to Obama being European is a slur. Although, I don’t think he is intelligent enough to mean it that way.


Well, IMHO, it is a slur but only because I look at the results of their policies.

Looks like Obama ain’t gonna be the guy to make socialism work either.



When the facts back you up, it’s not a slur, it’s a fact.


Well when I call his economics European it’s a slur and I mean it to be. Though I wouldn’t include all of Europe in that, by any means. There’s Austria and various spots of light even in the social democracies.

That said, Matthews is a FOOL and he doesn’t have a CLUE what he’s talking about. Nor would he listen to the ACTUAL ANSWER – IDIOT!

Big Al

Chris has it all wrong. He meant that he was a peon.
pe·on1    /ˈpiən, ˈpiɒn/
[pee-uhn, pee-on]

–noun-any person of low social status, especially one who does work regarded as menial or unskilled.


Disagreeing with Obama is always some kinda slur or better yet, racist. I thought since we elected the first half black president things we gonna be different – race relations were supposed to be Utopian under the messiah. What’s happened?


If you knew where he came from, you knew he was exactly the opposite of what he was presented as. As for what Matthews & the like crying racism or a slur ANYTIME ANYONE disagrees with Obama, that has done more to hurt race ralations in my lifetime then anything else. The charge mean nothing anymore.


I actually think that he helps race relations by rendering all the old race arguments null and void by overusing them. It’s too easy to call bullshit on them anymore, and get people to agree with you.

Looking forward to a day when none of them are acceptable, and everybody has to stand on what they actually say and/or do. However, race baiters will still abound — they will just lose almost all of their audience — they have no other ideas to offer people.