Christmas Threat Against Times Square in New ISIS Santa Poster. We sincerely hope this is propaganda designed to scare people, it not we sincerely hope NYPD ventilates them well with some lead Christmas presents dipped in pig fat.

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Looks like they acted as promised. Their boy apparently wasn’t paying attention in bomb making class, as the body count stands at zero right now. We even have the bomber, alive. Time to put everyone this asshole knows under the microscope.

Not so silent

Let ISIS have New York, there is nothing left there of any value to America anyway.


Devil’s advocate here; Brilliant campaign if you ask me. Putting a bullseye on the big apple during a Christian holiday. NYers will be torn between celebrating and shopping in defiance or sitting home and getting drunk whilst shopping at Amazon.
America’s media believes that the world is centered around NYC and that the rest of the country really gives a f*ck what happens there. 24/7 hand wringing coverage of nothing happening in NYC will have viewers tuning out in droves. Isis won’t even need to attack to pull off a win. Commerce and tourism in the city will feel a deep pinch regardless of what happens.
The other strategy is to actually pull off an attack. Then in the future, all they need to do is warn of an attack on an area to ruin business and peoples very freedom. Terrorism 101 here.
We need to bomb the snot out of something in Pakistan IMO.