CNN not only plays race card for Michelle Obama, it rewrites history

by editor on August 19, 2010

First ladies have come under fire for everything from their words to their choice of clothes and china. But Obama’s role as the nation’s first African-American first lady adds a racial layer to the microscopic scrutiny her predecessors endured.

Some of the criticism may be driven by partisan politics. But others say the attacks are rooted in white resentment of the “uppity Negro.” They say there is no precedent for a Michelle Obama: a wealthy, independent black woman representing America who is not an entertainer.

In an effort to make Michelle Obama look like a cross between Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc, played a bit fast and loose with facts. Heck, they even made some up.


Saint Michelle of Chicago, patron saint of MSNBC

In other words, America’s racist honkies would be fine with Wanda Sykes as First Lady.

Well, that’s an opinion and CNN is entitled to theirs, whether it’s adoring Michelle’s “toned, athletic arms” or believing that “Mrs. Obama’s youthfulness and glamour may seem dissonant with the public’s image of what a first lady looks like, particularly in the minds of older members of society.”

But then CNN gets a little “creative” with the facts by saying that Michelle’s independence “…is a big part of her story. She is a self-made woman who rose from a working-class background to become an Ivy League grad and hospital administrator who made good money, all before she met her husband.”

Really? The Obama’s got married in 1992. Michelle began working for the University of Chicago in 1996, but didn’t join the medical center until 2004. Her biography says, “In 1996, she joined the University of Chicago as associate dean of student services, and established its first community service program. In 2002, she was named the University of Chicago Hospitals’ executive director of community and external affairs.”

She did, in fact, make good money at University of Chicago Medical Center, but only after newly-minted Senator Barack Obama steered over a million dollars in earmarks to the hospital. That’s when Michelle received her promotion and a pay raise of over $200,000 a year.

That, of course, isn’t the only incident from Michelle’s past that doesn’t pass the test of sainthood. There are the stories of a patient dumping scheme called the “Urban Health Initiative”, run by Michelle and her good friend Valerie Jarrett, that allegedly denied treatment to uninsured poor people and shipped them of to other Chicago area hospitals. But what the hey, they did provide a free shuttle bus.

Someone had to put a positive spin on this program, lest Michelle look less like savior and more like an elitist. But who? Who could possibly make such a program look more palatable?

The Chicago Sun-Times says, “Obama’s top political strategist, David Axelrod, co-owns the firm, ASK Public Strategies, that was hired by the hospital last year to sell the program — called the Urban Health Initiative — to the community as a better alternative for poor patients. Obama’s wife and Valerie Jarrett, an Obama friend and adviser who chairs the medical center’s board, backed the Axelrod firm’s hiring, hospital officials said.”

So contrary to what would have you believe, our First Lady is neither Mother Teresa nor Joan of Arc. But we do agree with them on one thing:

She does have very nice arms.

Source:, Chicago Sun-Times,

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It’s “the Obamas,” not “the Obama’s.”


All I have to say is WOW! I reached this page through a facebook link on someone else’s page. I thought this site would be about disputing all media spin. All it does is de-spin outlets it doesn’t like or agree with, namely so-called liberal outlets. That makes this site a binary decoded hypocritical jumble of mess.

Some of the comments are so mean and visceral that I would never let an elderly person or child read them. The Obamas are Elitist, socialist, Muslims and failures. I’d be willing to bet that Obamas are better educated than 99% of all the purveyors of this unfortunate site.

I feel sad, that this site and its hate mongers have a haven in this supposedly great nation.


Oh dear, the kool-aid purveyors are back again.

What is the sound of everyone totally ignoring a Liberal? Hint – it’s a Simon and Garfunkle song title that starts with “The Sound of…” 😉


@Ty: You suck pal. F*CK YOU!

King Dips*it Wrote:
“Some of the comments are so mean and visceral that I would never let an elderly person or child read them.”

Way to be Comment Nazi!
Wow! Who might you be to act as an unneeded gatekeeper for the minds of others?

State your name, rank and official commission when it comes to protecting others from deciding for themselves what they should or should not encounter. Who made you the arbitrator?

That is some crazy oppressive action to take. Still, you and you alone are so f*cking important that you must save the old folks and the kids right? Self righteous prick…

I am 31. I would NEVER dream of telling my parents (age is in the 60s) nor grandparents (age is in the late 80s and dead, respectively) where to go and what to read on the internet or elsewhere. Nor would I do that to ANY person older (not even younger for that matter) in general. Telling someone who has lived more and seen more then you have that you are their magic guardian or thought and exposure is nonsensical. As I go thorough life I don’t want rookies coming up to me and being pompous and attempting to dictate to me what is or is not okay for me to view. I give the courtesy to others and don;t behave in that manner.

Why don’t you tell those old simpletons what WWII was really about and how the Carter years were when you get at it? Idiot…

As for the kids: If you are a parent- you need to look after what your young child can or can’t be exposed to. That is your job but applies to YOUR kids and yours alone.
As for teens, you are still the parent but the dynamic is more complicated since they are moving toward adulthood and being out in the real world and needing to think for themselves.

As for kids who are not yours? Keep out of the lives of others ass head! Are you going to ‘clean up the net’ for all kids? Silly busybody! Get a life and learn some personal boundaries!

If you are to protect old folks and kids… Why not those in wheelchairs or on crutches? Who will police the internet and keep them safe? The infirm need a censor boy champ to stick up for them I am sure.

What of women? With their vaginas and ovaries they should not be allowed nor have to think for themselves. Will you come in and rescue them Ty?

What of the non muslim men? The swine have yet to submit to islam and must not have the freedom to look and read online. ‘Ty to save the day’ I hope?

What if you are one of the people who does not donate to NPR? Who will play watchdog to those fools? They need a protector!

If a person (like you- so I suspect) sucks at Mario Kart: Should that person be allowed to read online? Hell, should that person even be allowed to read? Please guard those clowns from the errors of their ways! Please Ty!

You, me, CNN, Michelle Obama, and all other people are free to say what they want. When others read it – they can then say what they want in return. That is FREEDOM! Deal with it.

I don’t care that CNN puts out ass TV like the story which was the topic. That said, CNN and guys like you don’t get to care that I (and others) will blast back with the other side. You would NOT want to stop CNN from being seen by the kids and old folks but the comments here are off limits? F*ck you!

Turnabout is fairest of play… Just deal with it and use your own freedom of expression and stop playing Captain Look Out for others.

In closing, get a life. Shut ins like you would do best to let others say what they want, especially on print using the internet, and know that it will be read or not read by people who of their OWN choosing will make the call if they want to be exposed such a dialog. Better yet- JOIN IN! Say what you want and have it be read- less time for you to be a censor hawk and bother older folks and kids with your content cop attitude.

Just stick to posting your videos on Youtube dumbass!


I notice that you have nothing to say about the factual errors by CNN. You know, the subject under discussion? Remember? Try to concentrate next time.


It is fascinating how Condi is so frequently ignored. It’s almost as if the Obama Administration cannot admit to themselves that the Bush Administration consisted of anything but old, white men.

As to the “uppity Negro” remark ….. could they be anymore insulting to the whole of America? I’m thoroughly disgusted.

Chillie Willie

Dear CNN: I am just a dumb schlep living in one of the flyover states and after about 3 minutes of research I came up with this list of black women who achieved major accomplishments in their lives. And, no, they were/are not entertainers. Image if a knucklehead like me had the resources your organization has.

DAISY BATES, a newspaper publisher and activist, and the Little Rock Nine received the coveted Spingarn Medal for their leadership in the Little Rock, Ark., school integration crisis of 1957.

PATRICIA R. HARRIS (1924-1985) was the first Black woman cabinet member (secretary of housing and urban development, 1976) and the first Black woman ambassador. She was also the first Black to hold two cabinet positions.

SHIRLEY CHISHOLM was the first Black woman in Congress. Elected in 1968 from Brooklyn, she became in 1972 the first Black to organize a serious campaign for president.

MARY McLEOD BETHUNE (1875-1955), the first Black woman to receive a major U.S. government appointment, was the mentor and mother-figure for generations of Black male and female leaders.

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN, the founder and chair of the Children’s Defense Fund, is the major advocate for American children of all races and genders.

BARBARA HARRIS, the first woman bishop in the Episcopal Church, was consecrated in the Massachusetts diocese in 1989 and became an international symbol of the struggle for gender equality in the church.

DOROTHY HEIGHT has led the National Council of Negro Women since 1957. The protegee of Mary McLeod Bethune was a major leader of the Freedom Movement.

HAZEL JOHNSON, the first Black woman general, was appointed brigadier general in the U.S. Army on Sept. 1, 1979. General Johnson retired from the Army in 1983.

FANNIE LOU HAMER (I.) (1917-1977) was a major figure of the Freedom Movement and the pivotal Freedom Democratic Party.

ELLA BAKER (1903-1986) helped organize the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

BARBARA JORDAN, one of America’s most admired women, was the first Black Southern congresswoman and the first Black to give a keynote address at a major party convention (1976).

CAROL MOSELEY-BRAUN, the first Black Democratic senator and the first Black woman in the U.S. Senate, helped redefine the role of the American woman in politics and national leadership.

MAE C. JEMISON became the first African-American woman to travel into outer space on Sept. 12, 1992. The physician/astronaut was one of the seven-member crew aboard the NASA space shuttle Endeavor.

EDITH SAMPSON (1901-1979) was the first Black delegate to the United Nations. The Chicago attorney was also the first Black to hold an appointment with NATO.


There are more…the difference between these women and michelle – these woman actually accomplished goals and made a difference in many, many lives in America. These women are much better representatives of Americas’ women and values than Michelle will ever be.


This is awesome Chillie Willie Thank you


Given her past statements, her frivolous spending of taxpayer money, her friends, pastor, and husband, I have no problem calling her a communist and an anti-American elitist.

But my upbringing prevents me from dwelling on her rather unfortunate bone structure. . . so please. . . no more pictures.

Oh the humanity!


I wonder if Larry King gets a tingle running up and down his leg when he thinks of her?
(side bar) CNN probably runs six or seven 24/7 channels out of Atlanta. The consistently most popular is the Cartoon Network. That seems to me to speak volumes.


Fact is, Barack and Michelle were both professional failures before they jumped on the political-payoff gravy train.


Maybe it’s time for Michelle to start working on something other than her arms?


With all the focus on obesity in children, Michelle’s arms or guns that they call them are now turning to cannons and she needs to start acting like a real First Lady should and cover those cannons with some clothes!!!!


Why is it the only time I see language like “uppity Negro” is when I am looking at liberal rags?


H’mm . . . . The only time I see it is when I’m reading through comment threads like this one. Which “liberal rags” are you reading, exactly??


Gee, didn’t we see Mother Teresa lounging around Spain’s most expensive resorts? I don’t think so. Did Mother Teresa wear $400 or $600 tennis shoes to feed the poor with American tax payer dollars. Not so again. Michelle uses food stamp money from the poor to tell parents and their kids how to eat. Mother Teresa used everything she had to feed the poor.


“Michelle Obama: a wealthy, independent black woman representing America who is not an entertainer”

All are lies….

Well not her name.

Fact check: Wealthy? How much was she worth before Barry’s run for the White House? Was she or her man that rich and that famous? Nice house in Chicago BTW Michelle; Rezko hook you up with a loan from the Giannoulias mob bank to foot that bill?

It is easy to be ‘wealthy’ when you dip into the coffers the tax payers have filled to finance your lifestyle.

Barry, your husband, sucks c*ck in hotel rooms and was low level political hack. You hung on to him and did not move out on your own because you thought he could deliver you some fame. He sold out and got pushed up the ladder by the Chicago machine just in time when the two Dem and GOB leading boys fell out due to scandal.

Before the break he was a pine riding no body heading nowhere. You were going to leave his sorry ass after years of HIS failed career not getting you the glory you wanted (attention whore style) but you saw he had a last shot for the US Senate so you kept on board and clung onto your meal ticket. Things got better from there- lucky break but hardly being independent. You were so ‘independent’ that you were going to strike out on your own after he had a change to take off and ‘go big’? HA!

Would you EVER had met and hung with and befriended Oprah with your ‘wealthy and independent’ self had it NOT been for sucky boy Barry? I think not. So much for great solo Michelle. Nuff Said!

About the part “ who is not an entertainer”…

Not so. Michelle is a real clown. No doubt on that.

CNN, you can go f*ck yourself. The whole American dynamic of Black and White racial issues you present is cliched. The Montana Fishburne sex is out and most comments are “She is hot!” or “Wow she squirts!”. Now people have eyes, they can see she is black and her boyfriend is white. Almost no comments (always a few stupid people in a mix however) have been about their skin one way or another. Sure people see it- that is not a grand and dramatic central issue though.

Go rock the world of 1940s American when (not even then in full respect- a part and a big part yes. The full whole of matters no) that was the topic of the day.

What we the People of the USA care about not is not the skin colors of out leaders. It is can they lead or not.

You Michelle are a bitch who spends money freely that YOU DID NOT EARN, money which was taken from the tax payers. Your husband is a lying fool who can’t lead and is a Socialist.

None of these failings have anything to do with the pigment of your skin. Those are moral and personal character defects.

CNN may think the “Cleveland Show” is a f*cking documentary, raw and uncensored, about race in American today. Some of its 56 viewers might think so too. While that cartoon is funny- that is not reality (nor is CNN for that fact). The reality stands that people see your skin color and don’t care to judge you on it- White, Latino, Black, Asian etc can all be of merit or of fault as humans. As a person, you and Barry, are greatly flawed; the two of you being in the public eye lets us see those faults up close and often.

None of what we have seen, do see now, nor will see later on in terms of blunders and errors and screw ups has ANYTHING to do with the color of your skin. A human soul in all it’s complex dynamics is hardly nor simply just black or white…


“They say there is no precedent for a Michelle Obama: a wealthy, independent black woman representing America who is not an entertainer.”

Condi Rice comes to mind. I’m sure there are many others who have had illustrious careers, not necessarily in politics.

To actually suggest that black women have not amounted to anything in this world before Moochelle Antoinette Obama is the epitome of arrogance, ignorance and elitism.


It’s called convenient amnesia.


And don’t you find that statement in of itself racist? That it is so awesome and so UNIQUE that she is all that PLUS NOT an entertainer? As if so far the ONLY way a black person gets to be wealthy independent and represent the American way is through being an entertainer (when that is clearly not the case) I find that to be disgusting.

Colin Powell is another example there are also many faceless nameless (not known worldwide) Black people who represent America in their own way and in their own communities in differing social economic status… really? there is no precedent? So basically if a black person is rich is because he or she is in entertainment…. my goodness.


Right, right…because none of us who dislike Moochele are black or successful or have grown up with blacks or know or work with or are friends with any black successful people who aren’t actors, athletes, or talk show hosts. But my dad did have a crush on Leslie Uggams when I was a kid and Bonnie and Clem Mooreman (Melba Moore’s parents) did sing at my First Communion party.

And you know what everyone was thinking while they were singing…


“uppity Negro?” Chile please!

I only hope the republicans develop the spine to weather the racist rhetoric and lies. This is all they have, and are going to pull out all the stops. We need to respond by playing their own words against them.