Communist endorsements piling up. Now the American Communists have endorsed Obama. Jarvis Tyner, Executive Vice Chair of the Communist Party USA, hates Republicans but loves Barack Obama. You may remember that Fidel Castro endorsed Obama last week. Now if only China comes through soon, Obama will achieve the much-coveted Communist endorsement trifecta.

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I told all my lib friends about the Communist Party backing Obama the first time, and how thrilled they were when their leader was elected. They refused to accept the idea that it had meaning. They’ll do the same now.

Climb out from under your rock, my Dear Sweet Pointy Headed Olivia, and prove me right.


More conspiracy fear-mongering…you racist, mean-spirited, stupid conservatives!

What? This is for real?

Oh, sorry guys. Guess maybe the guy really is commie-friendly.

Buck O'Fama

Obama is the prototypical communist: a person who has basically been good for nothing all of his life but achieving the image of a mythical “superman” type god-man based on the deluded fantasies of like-minded useless people. Much like communism itself. For communists, two centuries of failure prove nothing. For Obama cultists, three years of failure prove nothing. Dream on.