Democrat judge accused of felonious spanking. And much worse.

by editor on April 18, 2009

Quick. Read this report from MSNBC and tell us what’s missing.

“Former Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas has bonded out of the Mobile County Metro Jail after he was arrested Friday afternoon. Before his arrest, Thomas was indicted by a grand jury on 57 felony counts, accusing him of, among other things, sexually abusing Mobile County inmates in exchange for favors in his courtroom. Thomas is charged with ethics violations, kidnapping, extortion, sexual abuse and sodomy. The indictment against him includes graphic details of alleged paddling and other sexual favors. Eight victims are named in the indictment. All of the alleged victims are men.”

Have you figured out what pertinent piece of information is missing?

How about the fact that Thomas is a Democrat. In fact, he was he was once considered for a federal judgeship by none other than the Adulterer in Chief, Bill Clinton.

If he’s found guilty, we say toss this guy into a cell with his victims. Sounds like he might enjoy a little cruel and unusual punishment.

Source: MSNBC via NewsBusters

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