Let’s pause now to put the Democrats’ massive budget cuts in perspective

by editor on March 17, 2011

With great fanfare, Democrats in Washington, DC have shamelessly announced a very painful $10 billion in budget cuts. Any deeper cuts would be dangerous. They’d threaten the fragile economic recovery. They’d disproportionately impact the weak and defenseless. They’d strike women and minorities hardest. Blah, blah, blah.


Perspective is now an economic phenomenon as well as a visual one

National Review puts those “draconian” cuts in perspective:

Senate Democrats have drawn the line at $10 billion in cuts to the budget in this fiscal year, already half-expired.

The national deficit for the month of February was $222.5 billion, or $7.9 billion per day.

Thus, the Democrats’ cuts are sufficient to get the government running even for roughly 30 hours. Those harsh, draconian cuts proposed by the GOP — $61 billion — would have the government running even for about a week.

Perspective. That’s the visual phenomenon that makes railroad tracks seem to come together in the distance. The same tracks, we assume, that the economic train is about to run off of.

Source: National Review

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All this talk about a government shutdown’s starting to sound pretty good right now. No essential services would be harmed…just the unnecessary sh*t like, well, everything else!


Exactly. Just get rid of the unnecessary crap, and unnecessary useless people. If it means I go without something or somethings for a few months or more then so be it. Stop printing money, grow food at home, go back to pre end of WWII and then let capitalism do its thing (with responsible government regulation) and do not grow government to a behemoth after things are starting to pick up again.


The syste is broken.

If it would mean getting everything and everyone on track would I be okay with things stopping for a while and doing some sacrifices? Yes. I just don’t think most people want to, because they are afraid. The monster government and its machines if it stops it spells the end of the world for some people.


Ya, to put this in perspective we only need to cut 10b about 140 more times to be in the black for the year.

Want to F*ck the system with its own dick? Get a home equity loan, buy gold, leave country.