DER FUHRER’S MACHINE. Will they wear brown shirts? Enquire-ing minds want to know!

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Give him credit, it’s a good tactic. This way when he tells the media what to do and say, it won’t come directly from him but rather his front group. It’ll make it look like he’s a third party in the whole thing.

You can call this guy a lot of things, but you can’t say he’s stupid when it comes to propaganda. He’s a master at it and the MSM loves it. He’s clearly setting himself up to try and push a lot of unConstitutional legislation though. This is something to keep an eye on!


What the hell!? He’s going to keep campaigning! It’s all he knows!


You don’t get it. This is how leftists do things, & they must always campaign because they always have to fight. Look at Cuba, you still hear about how the revolution is still going because it must justify it’s existance. They always need a skapegoats or the population will fight their subjugation. So it is with Obama & the progressives, because politics IS life. He rules & regulates because he does’nt know how legislate. Hence the executive orders. BTW, if you need proof, look at Clinton & Carter compaired to the Bush’s & Reagan. Very different after they left. Clinton in particular is a professional campaigner, that’s all he does, it’s what he is, & long term, it’s been very damaging to our republic. But Obama will be much worse, & nobody will say anything about it.


The revolution must never end. Conflict is internal except when it isn’t, then it is external. See? Mein Jihad! When the snake has finally swallowed itself there can be peace.


Liberalism. Ideas so good, they have to shove them down our throats daily.