Disgraced ex-Mayor and shameless identity politician Kwame Kilpatrick convicted on 24 counts. “…stunningly corrupt politician, who looted from Detroit’s poor and needy to pay for a life of luxury he never earned…” Detroit has been looted for decades by crooks but somehow the bankruptcies of progressive utopias are always due to raaaaacism and fat cats not paying their “fair share.” It’s all about manipulation and distracting attention from thievery, legal and illegal.

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Ha this is going to cost him. He will need to hire a regiment of lawyers who will maneuver the “right” judge, who will suddenly come into a “unexpected” windfall of cash and ole Kilpatrick will either walk or at most do six months in a country club and then quietly be released late some Friday.
He should be able to get re-elected in about 18 months in order to replace all the cash this will cost him.


Why would he care how much it costs him? It’s all stolen money anyway. he can steal more. Probably is, as we speak (errrrr – type).