Double-O-bama: Self-Licensed to Kill. We really think his self-license to kill should be 000 (double-o-zero).

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I’m glad that there is even any outrage at all. Too many on the right support killing Americans like this despite the hyer-hypocrisy. Drone strikes over an active battlefield are one thing but this has turned into push button assassinations, which, IMO, is exactly the wrong tactic. Put aside the legal ramifications and the slippery slope arguments, how much intelligence are we sacrificing by just greasing these people? How much more ill will does this generate as we take out kids and other innocents. Mark Levin justified it by comparing it to Dresden and any Japanese city that we bombed. Bad comparisons I think. That was total war and the fire bombings were controversial then. Had the US lost the war every general involved in the bombing campaigns would have been hanged as war criminals.

It seems that the dumbasses in charge moved to this because of their own stupid rules of engagement – mirandizing etc. and the reluctance to send these people to Guantonimo Bay….you know, the prison he was going to close three years ago because it was harsh and not who we are.

This is tyrannical behavior, IMO.


True, Obama is a politically expedient hypocrite.
Whichever is the easiest way out, regardless of the ramifications, he will go that route.
If he would free up the military to ease the stupidity of the restrictive rules of engagement, there wouldn’t be the need for so many drone strikes, and we wouldn’t be under such scrutiny.


All I can say is gun collectors, watch yer six!

Missile Command

Outrage? Yes where is it? Where’s all the brave JournOlists and civil liberty groups that have such a high regard for speaking truth to power? ACLU, where are you now? All these people that were Soooo outraged when Bush dared to just wiretap terrorists. Killing people, undeclared wars and such are not a concern for them now. We are not just reading their text messages without asking, but zapping them out of existence with nothing more than O’s nod of approval. And the comment from these self-proclaimed “protectors” of civil liberties – nothing.

These slimy, self-serving, hypocritical, Obama-butt-kissing leftist scum are as bad a group of people as the ones working for Stalin and Hitler years ago.


How many zeros? Trillions…….
Change you can believe in.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

“The government needs the approval of a judge to detain a suspected terrorist. To kill one, it need only give itself permission.”

Where’s the outrage?