Ed Schultz shedding radio affiliates like a snake shedding its skin (a disgusting, but appropriate simile)

by editor on January 27, 2011

Liberal talk radio is doing poorly. And the Ed Schultz brand of liberal talk radio is doing even worse.

Back on October 14, 2009 we did a story headlined “Alert the death panel: Lib talk radio dying a slow, painful death.” Hal Ginsberg, morning host and owner of lib talk radio station KRXA-FM in beautiful Monterey, California took exception to that story and wrote a series of comments that excoriated IHTM and our readers for being evil conservatives.


Ironically, BigEddieRadio is small and getting smaller

But it turns out that Hal apparently now agrees with us, because we found an article he wrote – one that bemoans the dismal state of liberal talk radio – on KRXA’s website. Here’s what it said about Ed Schultz, whose program airs on the station:

Ed Schultz’s wiki lists 69 affiliates – I would be surprised if he has more than 50.

You’d be overstating it, Hal. We’ve gone over the list of affiliates shown on Special Ed’s website and we can only confirm affiliates in 37 markets.

Note: There are several markets in which Special Ed’s show is carried by multiple stations. We counted that as one affiliate. In Chicago, for example, he’s carried by one AM station (WCPT-AM) and three FM stations on different positions on the dial (all called WCPT-FM).

Nevertheless, in an obvious effort to disguise the extent of his radio rejection, Ed continues to list stations that are no longer affiliates.

For example, he lists a number of stations that have flipped to other formats – country music, Mexican music, rock ‘n roll, Asian language and, in the worst insult of all, a couple have even flipped to a conservative talk format.


Snake shedding its skin like Ed Schultz shedding affiliates

Ed’s website also lists “affiliates” who apparently don’t know they’re affiliates. A number of talk stations on which Ed says he broadcasts don’t list him on their schedules.

And finally, Ed lists a number of stations that don’t have websites. Stations like KVNA in Flagstaff, Arizona and KTOX in Needles, California, for example. Minor stations in minor markets (if they’re still on the air). They may well be affiliates, but if a station doesn’t have a website in this day and age how professional is that station? For god’s sake, even Hal Ginsberg’s rinky-dink station in Monterey has a website.

Thirty-seven markets? That’s it, Ed? After years of flogging your dog of a show that’s all you have to show for it? Thirty-seven markets isn’t even a rounding error on Rush Limbaugh’s list of affiliates.

The markets in which Ed is carried are an embarrassment. The only large markets he can honestly claim are New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Detroit and Minneapolis, but for every large market you have a Maui, a Petosky, a Langdon and a Coos Bay.

But worst of all for Ed, it would not be an untrue generalization to say that no one listens to him on the few stations on which he is still aired. To put it bluntly, Schultz’ ratings and the ratings of lib talk radio in general, suck.

There’s an old saying: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?

Ed Schultz has a corollary: If a blowhard rants and raves on the radio and there are no stations to broadcast it, does it make a difference?

Source: BigEddieRadio.com, KRXA540.com

H/T: Tim Conway, Jr

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Crazy Ed called Laura Ingraham a slut on the radio, and got suspended from MSNBC and his radio show for a week without pay: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thecutline/20110525/ts_yblog_thecutline/msnbcs-ed-schultz-suspended-after-calling-laura-ingraham-a-right-wing-slut

Ugh… gross.


For those of you who don’t know Hal (the angry comment above), get to know him by reading the article we wrote on him, and especially for him, after he left us such sweet comments on another article.

Here’s the article on Hal and his baby KRXA in Monterey, California:

And you can read the comments (he’s KRXAHal) with which he introduced himself to us here:

He’s an entertaining guy to have around and I’m pleased that Editor’s plan to bring him back worked.


Glad to see this piece of virtual fishwrapper is finally citing to a reliable media source. Big laugh, though, is that as per usual, the RWNJs who infest this site as well as the balance of the net’s netherworld, bleat on and on about liberal (read honest) media’s problems but never once point to an example of their falsehoods. Why? Because we on the left are truth tellers. You on the right are inveterate liars. Indeed, you are so deep in your own false world that you don’t even know it. If you weren’t truly scary ignoramuses, you’d just be pathetic losers. Enjoy rampant gun violence, a lack of health-care, and the education-free, job-empty world brought to you by the Reich er right. Oh, one more thing – I know that as you clowns read this, you’re attempting to conjure up some witty repost. Don’t try, instead, look into your dark little hearts and empty little minds and say what’s going on here? How did I get like this? Why do I support people like Jan Brewer who are killing people who need organ transplants? Why am I a follower of sociopaths like Beck and Limbaugh (who laughs at the sick)? Please please for all our sakes, look at yourself first and try to become decent human beings.


I have satellite radio in my car and I sometimes do turn on Sgt Schultz’s show to get a jump start on the left’s talking points of the day. Kind of a “know your enemy” thing.
I am not kidding you, but yesterday he was begging his listeners to DVR his cable tv program and then watch “a few minutes of it later” in order to improve his shows ratings in it’s new time slot. How that works I’m not sure, but the low brow of the left will do anything to become relevant.


BINGO! I have said before that he knows he needs to improve his numbers quickly or he will be over & with the ComCast takeover of NBC-U, that might be sooner rather then later. His radio gig…it is what it is. I guess he does OK in some respects, but considering what he’s trying to be, he’s a failure. He’s trying to be the “Liberal Limbaugh”, but his numbers don’t back him up. Those numbers don’t back up his larger then life a-hole persona. So it’s a matter of time when he goes away as a national media figure, i.e. Bill Press.


LOL At least he is not airing in my state. success!


I wonder if these liberal media outlets get backdoor taxpayer funding? I mean, look at how they bleed red all over their balance sheets, you’d have to think they had a steady supply of OPM (other peoples’ money) to even stay on the air. Even libtards don’t get their air time for free and it can’t just be their corporate sposors and big money donors…they’ve got to be getting more help than that. If We the People are helping to pay the tab for these pernicious traitorous scum that sh*ts got to stop…now!


MSNBC did, as part of the General Electric family. They recieved TARP money, & Jeffery Immelt has had Obama in his pocket from day 1. GE has had very favorable treatment from this White House, & it’s really close to pure corruption. All of those new CFL bulbs we are going to be mandated to buy, & all of those green jobs like producing windmills will benefit GE greatly. So will Obama-care, & form that standpoint, what GE is getting is better then taxpayer funding.


Schultz and the rest of M.S.N.B.C.should be put in a straight jacket and locked away in a mental institution.

LA Sunset

Who wants to listen to a rabid dog, day in and day out, over and over again? No style, no substance, no intelligence. Just anger and insults, with no proof of anything he bitches about. I liken it to listening to my first wife.

It’s freakin pathetic, at best.


Shultzie: The epitome of irrelevant irrelevance.

Jim Stewart

I noticed the blowhard isn’t even carried in Fargo ND where he got started running his mouth. I often wonder if he really believes the stuff he spouts. Hell, I often wonder how Democrats become Democrats. Is it a birth defect?


Your mother wonders the same thing.

Jim Stewart

Not that I blame my mother for spawning a lib sister.

Jim Stewart

Just to clarify, NodakSuz really is my mother. 🙂


Yes… it is. However thankfully it is a birth defect that can be cured with common sense and the truth.


JS, Special Ed might not be carried in Fargo, El-Rushbo is on “The Flag”, AM-1100 WZFG. Kinda nice I was able to listen to Rush in Winnipeg. As for Ed, not so much, unless you have satellite radio that is.


What sucks more? His ratings or his show…..?
Lefties may be right that Americans want a little more civility in their politics.
But for some reason however they won’t be getting it from them as they are in a frenzy to smear anyone who disagrees with them.
Anger doesn’t sell too good.
Ask his buddy Keith.


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