Extraordinary. The 9th Circuit is so worried about its recent embarrassing decision on Trump’s executive order by a three-judge panel, they decided to vote on the issue en banc even though nobody asked them to. It’s like they’re appealing their own ruling.

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If you ran a business with an 80% failure rate, because that is what the rate of case decided in the 9th when appealed & then go to the SCOTUS, you would be out of business. Might be time to look into that.


The three clowns who contorted the law and themselves to over turn an executive order have proven again that the 9th circus has only a communist agenda.


Their recent ruling on President Trump’s travel order was gross negligence on the part of a court that gets overturned 80 percent of the time. Put simply, you could ask 3rd-graders for their rulings and get a better outcome, than the 9th Circuit Court.

A court that gets overturned 80 percent of the time.

Might be time to just disband them and start over.

Not so silent

Now up to 87 percent of the time. I wish, as I heard one GOPer talk about it, Start a 12 circuit court of appeals, let the morons in San Francisco, take care of Kalifornia, Hawaii and a couple of territories in the Pacific. Put the rest under a new Conservative appeals court.