Factual weaponry for defending the 2nd Amendment. Laws matter only to the law-abiding, which means that they have zero effect on insane people and/or criminals. Note that the US has a violent crime rate per 100,000 of just 470 which puts us below every single single country in this list – all of which have far more restrictive gun laws than the US.

most violent countries

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Sorry to say, but I am not the least surprised by the medias dealing with this,
Liberals LOVE dead children. When they are not aborting them, they can use them to further their agenda.


This proves they aren’t interested in preventing violent crime. Just those mass murders. While horrific and sensational, they only account for a percentage of one percent of the violence in our country. Hell ,they probably really don’t give a flip about the guns either, just the mileage they can get from the distraction.

On the flip side, when’s the last time you heard about the all important “jobs numbers” of a month ago? Once again the Dems will publically sodomize the Republican party behind the smokescreen of media generated sensationalism.


This proves that an unarmed populace is a targeted populace. Look at the cities and states in this country that have laws which mirror that of Europe. High crime rates, high unemployment, low test scores and a failing school system. It appears that the socialist utopia is more along the lines of a sadestic hell.

My heart aches for those parents who now must find the courage to walk the most painful path. That of a parent taking their child to their final resting place.

I agree with many. It’s time to STOP giving the name of those who commit these crimes.


Random thought: when some idiot runs onto the field during a major league baseball game, the TV crew never shows it so as not to encourage the behavior. Perhaps the hard news people can learn from that and not be so free with the shooters’ names. That way the nut won’t become infamous, which is often a motive.


Dammit it sounds like there’s been another in San Antonio, in a movie theater.



now let’s watch very closely and see how it’s treated (read spun) by everyone with an opinion

ron paul could have prevented this!

San Antonio (Spanish for “Saint Anthony”) is the seventh most populous city in the United States of America and the second most populous city in the state of Texas, with a population of 1.3 million

The racial composition of the city based on the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau is as follows:[29]

72.6% White (Non-Hispanic Whites: 26.6%)
63.2% Hispanic or Latino (of any race)
6.9% Black
0.9% Native American
2.4% Asian
0.1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
3.4% Two or more races
13.7% Other races

Saint Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of Padua, of Portugal, and of San Antonio, Texas. Prayer cards manufactured in Italy identify him as the saint of “miracles,” but to most Catholics, he is the Patron Saint associated with the return of lost articles and missing persons.

now wait a minute, aren’t all believers saints? according to scripture?
And is the one who seeks and saves the lost Jesus? again according to scripture
and just how much value does Jesus place on lost articles, except as a metaphor, or rather mirror of His deeds?
diluted Jesus is no more palatable than diluted wine. that’s my viewpoint.

these left-wing incitements are really beginning to twist my dreds

everybody, do the bender.

addendum i am not an animal, i am a human being.


Media accelerated. The copycats are out. Dammit, this is bad.


just wait till barry finds it necessary to impose martial law.

that’ll close the hole in the ozone.

Not so silent

Funny how the civilized countries in Europe with their nose in the air have higher crime rates than America…. How that socialist shit workin’ out for ya?


What? Those criminals didn’t turn in their guns? They didn’t reform and give up a life of crime? But we passed a law. (Liberal think failure).


The relativist will just argue that just because it’s a violent crime it doesn’t mean someone died. Again, the gap between intellect and intellectualism.


That’s just because they haven’t gotten rid of all the guns yet