Fashionistas think Michelle Obama can do no wrong

by editor on September 24, 2009

Is this an appropriate dress to wear to a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony?

Is this an appropriate dress to wear to a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony?

President Obama and The Most Glamorous First Lady Ever attended a Medal of Honor ceremony for U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti who was killed in Afghanistan in June 2006.

Mrs. O showed up in a floral frock with a bold, red rose print, accessorized with green kitten heels and chandelier earrings.

Some critics said her attire was more appropriate for a garden party than a solemn ceremony honoring an American hero, but the Michellistas at a website called disagreed. Oh, did they disagree.

Read on. But be prepared to be either amused or horrified by their blind, over-the-top idol worship.

  • Mrs. O You ROCK! Love love love the dress and the shoes. Mrs O with a body like that you make fashion look like fun.
  • Is it just me, or does our First Lady get more beautiful every day?! 
As far as the dress is concerned, I do love it.
  • I swear this woman is living my life. LOL! I looooooove this couple. They are so in synch with each other on so many levels its crazy. Sigh…someday my prince will come. Anywhoo, love the looks. Its goes great with their intelligence and strong values. I am saying Mr and Mrs O are not just a look.
  • Omigod, that dress is awesome! Honestly, I love that I can’t right away tell it’s flowers, it just looks like bold color. It’s also a really flattering cut for her.
  • No denying how breathtakingly lovely Mrs Obama is. Oh my goodness, she is lovely and yet so down to earth and has her act together. She is the complete package, no question about it – Mr President sir, you are a very lucky man.
  • Mrs. O looks stunning in the floral wrap dress! I absolutely love the print and the choice of shoe color. Mrs. O is so fashion-adventurous. Women of America, take note. Bland and boring is out and color and bold accessories are in. She also looks great at the outdoor market. Don’t we all wish we could look so polished while shopping for produce!
  • She looked crazy beautiful today. Love anything on her with a v-neck. And I also liked her hair with less volume on top. It’s different and looks more youthful on her than the volumized hair.
  • Mrs. O looks even more fabulous than usual here. Full of life, bold color and the fit is exceptional. She looks pretty hot (in a classy way). I also always love it when she does an unexpected pop of color with her shoes. The President is a lucky man (and she is a lucky woman).
  • Michelle is smoking hot in that dress!! I know wot I’ll be wearing this Spring/Summer


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She should visit Senator Byrd (brain) in the hospital dressed like that. Old Robert would really like that and it would keep her away from real Americans. Of course he and she are racists like the rest of us.

Duke Guy

I’m still waiting for the 24 hour all Obama (and Michelle) channel. No, I don’t mean MSNBC. This would be all Obama, all the time. BTW, I like his tie.


The 24 hour Obama channel would be OWN, but Oprah & her friends are egotistical to not push them out of the way. She’s all about Obama, but she thinks she’s more important, & she might be right.

Dee Mac

Duke Guy, you are right on the mark here. I am thinking a Home Shopping Network format would work here. There is already the Obamachia, a jigsaw puzzle, then the plethora of t-shirts and sweatshirts on the market. I envision Michelle’s wardrobe knock-offs, just her shoes alone can fill a weekend special event sale! Someone is missing an opportunity here. Better get on is soon since the clock is ticking down toward Jan. 2013 when the new administration will take over.

Dee Mac

Shopping Alert!! Kool-aid shortage reported in various spots around the country and in rare places internationally. It has been reported that certain segments of the population have had an insatiable thirst for the product since last Fall. Evidence of over-indulgence includes excessive watching of the Oprah show, the need to foolishly twitter praise of Dear Leader in teenage crush fashion, and most obviously, the predictable fawning over all things Michelle. Celebrities have been spotted on the watch list, Chris Matthews may be headed to rehab, and entire private schools have had to be quarantined as students have been seen marching in sync and chanting praises to Dear Leader.

The phenomenom has spread via the main stream media and most notably recently on the covers of fashion magazines. The First Lady has been dressed up and made up with the full lipstick over the underbite so often her image is beginning to show up more frequently than her husband’s prime time messages to the nation.

There is no cure for this as brain damage is a prerequisite and cold hard facts do not sway. The result is a wholly inappropriate dress being worn to a solemn occasion is praised as bold and daring instead of being criticized as an insult to the family of a brave soldier. Her insecurity and voracious need to garner the spotlight by wearing this frock is not examined, just her bravery in choosing to defy convention.

If you haven’t had a drink yet, there is still hope for you. Resist, Resist, Resist!