Formal reprimand issued to flatulent Federal worker. And they didn’t need to hire one of those 50K trained sniffers to locate the source of the problem. As Nancy says, you have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Seriously, if emissions of awful and unpleasant things were really a problem, the whole Congress as well as the White House should be reprimanded. Instead, they were re-elected.

flatulence reprimand letter

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Are you kidding me? Talk about wasted time effort and paper! This is a guy who should hire the ACLU or somebody to point out you cannot reprimand someone for a normal function of the body, especially one over which one has limited control. What next? His stomach growling too loud? Buy some air freshener and get to work!


I’m betting he’s white and his co-workers aren’t.


This government “worker”, er employee, will retire early, extremely wealthy.
Government exists to reward failure and absurdity, at best.

barbiegirl ny

The government talks out its @$$ all the time. Why are they singling this guy out?


It sounds like the SSA isnt so happy with someone who works there farting. It must go against policy to have the staff doing it when barry is the only one permitted to foul the air.

Big Al

I am surprised the reprimand didn’t mention greenhouse gas increases.


This guy has a solid future in the federal bureaucracy… or at least some solids in his future.

Joe Redfield

The only difference between this guy and BO is that the President releases his gas through his mouth(and Jay Carney’s mouth).

Not so silent

The Office of Disability Operations????? This worker has a disability, he needs to sue so that he can fart anywhere he wants…Otherwise it is discrimination. One gasbag can’t be that bad, I mean congress and the president have been shitting on us for four years and we complain and it is racist. So let the wind be broken……Snark…..


This is wasted talent. Obama should hire him to work in the oval office. What better way to end a meeting in a hurry than to bring this guy in and have him rip a couple off.


I can’t believe the green energy czar hasn’t tapped this guy as a new green fuel source!