Fracking safe in NY State, says leaked report. A one-year-old report which was kept secret until leaked by an “anonymous insider”. Why kept secret? NY gov Cuomo’s Administration was “worried about a green backlash. And rightfully so: New York’s greens have responded to the leak with characteristic force…” But they label anybody that disagrees with them “anti-science” with a straight face. Well, they’ve told us eleventy times how reality-based they are.

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they’ve told us eleventy times how reality-based they are.

The only reality they are concerned with is reality TV.

Missile Command

It must be REALLY safe if the green zombies had difficulty manufacturing evidence against it. Maybe they hoped the Matt Damon propaganda film would do it for them.


You gotta understand, MC. It’s difficult to come up with evidence that fracking is causing groundwater problems, because the courts protect the corporate secrets, the ingredients in the cocktail. When something that makes tapwater flammable shows up in the water system, the companies doing the fracking aren’t required to show what they’re putting in the ground. They just look at their recipe, shake their heads, say they’re not responsible, and continue.

I would have no problem with fracking at all, if companies were held liable for damage they DO incur.


Since most of our water supplies in Texas are from inderground aquifes, we are a little neurotic about protecting that water. And NO ONE has been able to assure us that fracking will not contaminate our ground water. And of course, after they’ve done it, its too late. As much as 1/2-2/3 of the state could be lacking potable water.


If fracking is safe, and won’t hurt the groundwater, then pass legislation requiring the companies to keep the recipe for their “cocktail” on file, so that when components they are putting into the ground come back out in the water, they can be held liable. Then go ahead and do it.


“THAT isn’t the report we paid for!”