Glenn Beck says he’s no Rush Limbaugh, but the ratings say he may be Bill O’Reilly

by editor on March 20, 2009

glenn beck tvGlenn Beck kicked butt in the ratings last week. After being on television for years, he’s an overnight success.

His Fox News program soared in the ratings, passing perennial second place Sean Hannity and nearly catching long-time leader Bill O’Reilly. All three Fox hosts left the other cable news shows far, far behind.

Here’s a brief snippet of an interview Beck did recently with

Beast: Do you expect that you will be surpassing Rush Limbaugh any time soon in terms of your radio audience?
Beck: [Laughs.] I don’t think so.
Beast: But are you the pretender to the throne?
Beck: I think I do something extraordinarily different than Rush. Rush is political thought, I am a guy who’s part rodeo clown. I don’t pretend to be able to plan movements of the parties and the presidents and everything else. I really don’t care that much about the parties. I’m a dad. I care about my children. I want some country to be left with real freedom in it for them.

This might be a good time for Bill O’Reilly to remember the words of the great Negro League pitcher Satchel Paige, “Don’t look back, somebody might be gaining on you.”

But at least he knows it’s not Keith Olbermann.


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I just can’t believe that people call this news. It’s opinion journalism, not news.


Most prime time cablenews programming is opinion journalism. You go watch a host knowing what their leanings are, & go from there. If people can’t figure this out, they should go watch the Cartoon Network.

Carolea Stewart

Glenn Beck is not only believable, he is uncannily right with his predictions…a reason to give ear to him and pay close attention to what he says. He is also remarkably adept at creating a fantastic show.


I’ve been listening to Beck for about 8 years, long before CNNheadline & FoxNews, & he will go against the grain if he feels his gut is saying something. He will go against his better interests if he feels he’s onto something. Since many in the media will never do that, & since it’s completely outside of the box thinking, Beck gets mocked for it.

His track record is really good, he is right way more often then not, & the leftists in the MSM & in the Obama thug-ministration don’t like it. He will beat them in the end, & still get beat up for being correct.


He is entertaining to me because I like strange people. I like his show but the dude is an entertainer. Track record? Man please. This guys is just like Obama, he says what he thinks people who like him want to hear. He would be a great politician.


The only difference is that Glenn decided to tap into the Ron Paul Revolution who are dissatisfied with both political parties just like normal Americans are. Yeah he slightly ridiculed him, but he didn’t ignore him or severely mocked him like the other fools.

Then he did something different. He admitted bush was a total failure. Everybody knows this except for retarded folks. Thus he is more believable than people trumpeting bush.