About those global sea level predictions: Never mind

by editor on December 30, 2010

Al Gore earned the nickname “The Goracle” for his frightening global warming prognostications. Sea levels were supposed to rise and engulf cities and low-lying regions around the world.

Oops. Never mind.

The American Thinker takes a closer look at predictions vs reality:

Gore, Schwarzenegger, and the IPCC made their mark through their dramatic predictions of catastrophic sea level rise due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing global warming. Gore once predicted that sea levels would rise by twenty feet over the century. Last year, Schwarzenegger unveiled a map showing world sea levels rising by 1.5 meters over the next century. In 2001, the IPCC predicted that sea level would rise by three feet over the next century. Their past predictions and the accurate satellite measurements are shown in the chart below:


The actual sea level rise over the last eighteen years is 1.85 inches, which works out to 10.4 inches per century. This is similar to the 20th century’s rise of 8 inches, but much less than the average rise of 4 feet per century for the last 10,000 years as glaciers left by the last ice age continue to melt.

Think of the right hand side of the graph as a cliff in tony Montecito, California. Imagine a lovely estate sitting at the top of that cliff. It belongs to Al Gore.

According to Gore’s predictions, sea levels would suddenly and apocalyptically rise (see the black line) until his hillside estate became ocean front property. Unfortunately for Al, he can still peer over the edge of the abyss and barely see the ocean waaaaaay down there at the bottom of the cliff (see the red line).

Al Gore, real estate genius.

Source: American Thinker

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The Drive by Media is missing the story.
With all this talk and complete certainty of global warming, opps I mean climate change. I Just had to look at scientific ocean levels chart for the last 9,000 years “Holocene Sea Level chart” among other charts all show the same thing.
Why isn’t this a story. The graph show the ocean has gone up 15 meter in over 9,000 year. My concern is the trend. Since the graph is trending flat, what if it goes the other direction and ocean levels go down?
This would be catastrophic to those who live on the coast. A small decrease in ocean level could make their property worthless. If level went down even an inch, the water could move along way from their property. Just think about it water could move 100’s of feet out. Might ever allow others to build between the property and the water’s edge. We must notify our fair and balanced media and political leaders at once. Another idea would be to put all that Carbon Credit money in a fund just in case. HA HA



Hey, the water level in my aquarium rose two inches in one week and my fish are all swimming upside down…what’s up with that?


Here’s the best proof ever that sea levels are not rising: http://jpattitude.com/TasmaniaSeaLevel1.htm

You can’t argue with 170 years of data in a single photograph.


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AGW is all and all is AGW. So sayeth the Profit AlGOre:

A complete list of things caused by global warming

You can’t argue with this kind of circular logic. The Church of AlGore takes more faith than any organized religion…even islam.

AZ Dude

Dang!! You mean I moved to AZ from CA for nothing!! Curse you High Prophet Algore!! Oh, wait–I left a state being run into the ground by liberal Dems and RINOs for a state run by those with conservative principals and common sense solutions to problems. Never mind.

Old Goat

Whilst you’re thinking of ManBearPig, and savouring his edifying film about inconvenient things, spare a thought for the inimitable Prince Charles, who also believes that the sea is going to swallow London/England/The Earth by teatime next Tuesday, whilst he’s busy planting trees and singing about the pixies. He is the current encumbent of the title Prince of Wales, and not the first (or the last) holding that title, to be a complete Loony.

Take heed, we will ALL be drowned, unless we each construct a wooden vessel, and stick a pair of every animal you can think of in it, then we’ll all be saved! Well, all except those who don’t fry/roast/broil in the ensuing global temperature rise, thanks to a few parts per million of that nasty, noxious, vital life-giving gas that dare not speak its name, may be saved…

Does global warming REALLY make it snow? Does it?


Only in Algoreland, Natsman.


That was hilarious! thanks!


Is the sea really rising or is the U.S. sinking under the weight of Al Gore?


I love any and all Al Gore is fat jokes let’s keep those coming.


Okeydokey, KimmyQueen…

Did you hear Al Gore was arrested the other day and charged with “impersonating a small crowd”?


😀 ROTFLMAO I love it!