Global warming causes smaller trees. Except when it causes larger ones.

by editor on February 25, 2010

This is the future of our redwood forests unless we spend trillions of dollars now

It’s well documented that the global warming crowd blames global warming for absolutely everything, no matter how illogical those claims may be.

But the Washington Post wins this week’s Alarmism-In-Action award for blaming global warming for larger trees and smaller trees in the same article.

First the larger trees:

Parker’s data, which showed the trunks gradually fattening over time, indicated that many of the trees were growing two to four times faster than expected. That raised questions about climate change’s impact on the age-old rhythms of U.S. forests.

But enough about those darn larger trees. What about the smaller ones?

In the tropics, however, some studies have seemed to show trees growing more slowly: It might now be too hot for some trees there.

Excellent work, WaPo. Clear some space in the lobby, because we have a feeling that there’s another Pulitzer Prize coming your way very soon.

Source: Washington Post via National Review

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I don’t really see anything wrong with this article. Its definetly conceivable that growing seasons will lengthen in the U.S. and that they will shorten in the tropics because of too much heat.


Richard Lindzen hits the Warmers for Six. Uses RealPlayer. I would advise downloading Real Alternative, which is free and doesn’t muck up your system.


Everything causes global warming: