GM deal moves electric car development to China. Eventually the Volt may be built there – the Chinese subsidize EVs at $19,000 per car but only for cars made there. Jobs, jobs, jobs! In China, China, China!

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If Gooberment Motors is going to build the shoeboxes in China then the fools that buy them should have to send them back to get the batteries recharged. If we can’t afford to build them here, we can’t afford to keep the batteries charged either.


Of course they’re making them in China, none of those pesky environmental regulations to deal with! It doesn’t count as harmful to the environment if it’s built somewhere else! How else do you think Obama can keep telling everyone he’s all for green jobs?
Those stupid spiral bulbs are made in China too. The mercury in them is hazardous to your health, but they’re green because they use less electricity that is generated by those awful petroleum products!
The left is so hypocritical that it makes my head hurt!


What’s funny is that the UAW is looking at their death bed here. In order to survive, it will make most of their cars in China in the not too distant future. They cannot survive the management of the UAW & the US gov’t. They will only survive by importing their turds from China. I hope the rank & file understand this.

Not so silent

There is no Chinese word for Recall..hmmmmmm


Lets get the unions over to China. That will destroy their economy quickly. Oh wait, the communists in China dont want competition, especially from other communists.