How Obamacare looks on the ground: A pastor on how ACA will work with his flock. “…if they recognize Obamacare at all what they think it means is ‘universal free health care’ with emphasis on the free. When you try and say that it will cost them at least 4% of their income, they go directly into denial.” “Affordable Care Act”… somewhere George Orwell is laughing his butt off.

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KW Willy

The Pastor is right. I was at the pharmacy counter at Kaiser hospital a couple days back and had a conversation about o-care with the girl behind the counter. It seems her and the people she works with just found out that insurance costs may go up because of o-care. I asked her if she knew why? Not a clue. She was flabbergasted to hear that insurance in Kali would be going up as high as 164%. I told her further that that is why so many conservatives and tea partiers were trying to stop it several years back. She about fell down to hear that abortions, birth control, sex changes will all be covered in o-care and all insurances are forced to include all those things too.
This girl has been working there for over five years, I know because I have seen her there for that long. I also know she is married and raising two kids(scary) and she is just now hearing what is in this bill because it is the first time a mainstream new service here carried that info. It just drives me crazy to think that she and those she works with would have voted against this and maybe obama had our news services not blacked out all the important news. We are being destroyed by our news services and I really think that what they are doing for the democrat party is nothing short of treasonous. We all knew what was in that bill years ago, and that is precisely what I told her. Quit calling Fox news the enemy and pull her head out of the sand and look something besides msnbc


People need to know ONE thing: Government does not and never will make/earn its own money that is to say, it can PRINT it yes, but it can’t earn it in order to pay for stuff. Anything that the government does it does with the money that has passed or that will pass through our hands due to our own efforts and work. That is how it is. People need to understand that.

Not so silent

Fantasy meets reality, All the fools that wanted this about are about to receive what they so richly deserve. I hope the backlash tears D.C. apart, The trouble is the rest of us get caught between a rock and a tard place with the Obamadeathcare crap.


Because most people have not had a single lesson in reality-based economics (and by reality-based, I mean something other than theories based on money growing on trees or gotten from money wells).

The first lesson everyone must learn is that the vast majority, probably on the order of 95-99%, of people you look up to as “public policy experts” do not know the first thing not just in Econ 101, but Intro to Econ 101. Nothing. Zip, zero, nada.

Not only that, but it’s even worse than not knowing anything at all. They imagine all sorts of things that just are not true. And they use them on a regular basis to teach our children and students, and pass laws.


I heard a few minutes of BHO’s remarks (after someone found his speech) and he perfectly illustrated your point. In order to agree with the bs he was saying, one would have to know literally nothing about economics or be a 100% tax consumer and not care that the ACA will cost trillions and improve nothing.