“I REJECT THAT!!” Jeff Sessions RIPS Al Franken to Shreds: Too bad Franken couldn’t cheat during this debate the way he cheated in his Senate election.

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The dufus from Minne drempt he was a real congressman!


Every time I watch video of something going on in Congress, I always have to wonder who all those people sitting behind the major players are. I hope they get paid a lot to sit and listen to that drivel. Wait,…..they’re probably getting paid a lot more than me, and it’s taxpayer money, and they aren’t even doing anything other thank keeping a straight face and staying awake.


Franken must have thought he was on snl and was rambling in a mirror again. Good for Sessions to come back at his ass. Notice the frustration on numb nuts face when AG Sessions started giving it back to him. The dip shits are not use to getting it back.


I LOVED this!

Dave K

When he first got into politics, I thought “You can’t be freaking serious, right? This clown running for the senate? Oh yeah, silly me. He’s from Minnesota, one of the lesser known progressive liberal havens.”

I have a progressive liberal cousin in Minnesota that leans so far left, she needs a counterweight in her right hand just to stand up straight and she loves this schmuck. Between Oblahblah and this imbecile being elected, I knew the left had gone off the rails.


Franken is a slimy little turd, isn’t he? Basically calls Sessions a liar and then complains when Sessions wants to respond. Since Barney Frank left Congress, Franken is easily the creepiest person left. I get a real weird feeling about him, like don’t leave your children unattended in his presence.