Idiot survey says Cubans are world’s 7th happiest people, Americans 114th, Cuban-Americans not surveyed

by editor on July 9, 2009

Happy Cubans sailing their yacht to unhappy America

Happy Cubans sailing their yacht to unhappy America

The Happy Planet Index says that Cubans are happier than Americans. A lot happier.

The HPI combines how long and happy a life the citizens of each nation enjoy (which makes complete sense) and how few of the Earth’s resources they use (which makes no sense).

“The HPI suggests that the path we have been following is, without exception, unable to deliver all three goals: high life satisfaction, high life expectancy and ‘one-planet living’,” according to NEF researcher Saamah Abdallah. “Instead we need a new development model that delivers good lives that don’t cost the Earth for all.”

The 15 happiest nations are supposedly Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guatemala, Vietnam, Columbia, Cuba, El Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Argentina.

Probably so. We know most Americans grow up dreaming of the wonderful lives they could lead if only they could put in 12-hour days cutting sugarcane by hand for a communist dictator in Cuba.

Pardon us, research gurus, but there’s an elephant in the room:

If people are so damn happy in #7 Cuba, why do so many of its citizens risk their lives to come to miserable, unhappy #114 United States?

Source: Guardian UK via Fausta’s Blog

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Obama has said, “The beatings will continue until American’s morale improves.”

So we got that going for us.


Maybe Cubans are happy because of their free access to healthcare. Maybe it’s because their government spends over 11% of their annual spend on health and 13% on education, which is considerably more than the US government, and much less on the military. Maybe it’s because they have a higher literacy rate than the US, or perhaps it’s because it’s because a higher percentage of kids go to primary school in Cuba as compared with the US. We’ll never know. I live in New York, and love it. But I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Cuba based on what you think you know about their politics.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

I have no problem with people wanting to live in NYC, Cuba or North Korea if they so choose. The Founding Fathers intended states to be laboratories where different ideas could be tried out and compared. What I do have a problem with is the choice being imposed from above by those who purport to have “superior intellect.” I wish to be able to vote with my feet and leave coercion and free health care behind if I so choose. Does Cuba allow that? Why not? Be glad that NYC still does, in case you ever change your mind.


Okay guys, Happy Planet Index doesn’t actually measure how happy a country is, it measures how happy a country is for it’s carbon footprint, hence: costa rica has both a high degree of happiness/wellbeing and a very low carbon footprint per capita, so it’s the best. Cuba has moderate level of happiness, plus extremely low carbon foot print, therefore pretty high HPI, US has moderate (maybe even high) happiness and extremely high carbon footprint therefore low score. get it?
It’s a utilitarian measurement that adjusts for how inefficient a country is at maximizing utility for the amount of carbon it produces. This is important factor b/c global warming


WOW, I can actually agree with a posting here!!! Whoever did this study obviously placed far too much emphasis on some data. Most of these countries have huge numbers of impoverished people who would be happy to move to a richer country for a more comfortable life.

That said, the study was about happiness which isn’t the same as wealth. There are a lot of people in the US who aren’t happy with their lives even though they might be far more wealthy than the people on the list above. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.


cubans dont live an easy life in fact its actually quite hard for Cubans to gather even the most basic meens of survival in Cuba yet Cubans are happy its our only way out I am Cuban I live in FLorida and return to Cuba every now and then Cubans have a spirit of life to them becouse just like the title of your blog if they dident laugh they would cry


I would venture to say Diet is a large part of why so many americans are unhappy…that and images on TV that noone can live up to…Me I am a happy person….I don’t bathe in negativity all the time…I realize I am lucky to live where i do…It also seems many americans are ignorant and think everywhere else is better…My guess is those americans have never been to those other places… i have

Jorge Vargas

Dear sir, you are the idiot. Go read the paper then talk.


The reason why Cuba is number 7 is because although we live in a Communism environment in Cuba. Us Cubans realize what situations we live though. By this we analyze that we have few comforts, so we decide to enjoy the few that we have with all joy. I am against communism but the communism is Cuba teaches the purity of life, the reason of living, that little things mean much if you just feel what it has to offer. The fact we leave Cuba for better comforts does not influence the reality that Cubans find a positive outlook on life and a reason to live so, as seen in Cuba. Happiness is found everywhere, just search wwithin everything. Maybe one of the reasons why this survey determine some low rates for America is because Americans find everything annoying. You play music, talk loud, cut someone off, give a hug to male friend being a male, you instantly feel a threat. Americans should loosen up feel the flow of life and quit complaining. One the these traits of influence is television and too much indoor periods.


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the reason is so obvious — the cubans have been living under a communist dictatorship for 50 years–they are used to it. Americans have only known such joy for 7 months.


After 5 years and months… I am failing to feel the joy… maybe there is something wrong with me…