Illegal Alien U: Sham university busted

by editor on February 21, 2011

The criminal mind is an endlessly creative thing. Here’s the story of the Feds busting a sham university created solely to help foreign “students” illegally gain student immigration status.

Of course, it was profitable, too, because each student paid the owner of the “university” $5400. And then the good ol’ American taxpayer gave her money, too.

We’re thinking of opening IHTM University. It has to pay better than blogging. We won’t have a football team, but we will have cheerleaders.

“Gimme an I, gimme an H, gimme an M, gimme a T.”

Damn it, even our cheerleaders need a proofreader.

H/T: Kimmy Queen

Source: Fox News

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Bob Porrazzo

Guys I have something to confess…a long distance…VERY at that cousin of mine who lives in California…HELPS ILLEGAL ALIENS GET INTO COLLEGE!

My uncle came to my house Sunday to help me celebrate my birthday, which was actually Thursday. And he told the story of a Larry Chimbole, that’s the cousin in question. When I heard that…ANY MODICUM OF RESPECT I HAD FOR HIM WENT OUT THE WINDOW!

In the early 90’s, he came across country back to CT to attend a high school reunion. He bought his wife and granddaughter. Mom and I took Brianna (granddaughter) around the area, got her souvenirs, et al, took her out for pizza. She seemed to enjoy things.

But when it came to our highways, Larry sort of blasted our tree-lined Merritt Parkway (maybe it’s because there aren’t ENOUGH illegals working on it! WELL LARRY NEW HAVEN AND HARTFORD ARE PERFECT FOR YOU.) Look as much as I blast CT and really hate it myself since it’s impossible to find a job here, The Merritt Parkway is as much a part of CT as the UCONN Huskies.

To end things on this, Larry, get ready for the big one!


Step 1.: Hunt them down and arrest them all.

Step 2.: Deport all the illegals involved.

Step 3.: Execute the operators of the ‘School’ for treason.


I am so there!


Now if we can just take care of the left’s longtime favorite “university”…

Welfare State

…very well funded with very low test scores.


Can you say, “I want me one o’ them $5400 engineering degrees from Tri-Valley U?” Oh, can I stay on campus, (wink, wink, nod, nod), while I pursue a career major in Micro Dissembling with a minor in Macro Immigration Violations?


I was seriously disgusted and I hope that she is out of business if not now very very soon. If she and the others involved are not citizens, but going through the process it should be revoked in my opinion. Serve some time in US prison and then go back to her home without any money.

All of those students should be deported immediately. I despise these people’s ways where they try to get a shortcut for themselves.


Have you noticed that folks who immigrate to our country legally, like you, who have paid the price, jumped through all the idiotic gooberment hoops, tend to be more conservative in their thinking?

And those that come here illegally, want something for nothing and want it now, tend to become liberal?

One group, by far the smaller group, are glad for the opportunities they have and want the government to get out of the way and keep their hands out of their pocket. The other wants the government to stick their hands into everyone elses pocket and give the money to them.

Legal immigrants don’t need anyone to tell them how to get by in America, they can do for themselves. Illegal immigrants need others to help them get by the law of our land, never understanding that they are getting the short end of the stick in the process.

Maybe you can explain it to me. Since I am a born and raised American I may be missing something here.


I know it. I experience it all the time. It is true for most people on either side that I have encountered in my life.

If I try to explain what I come out with, is that when you work HARD and long for something you really want, you appreciate it to the nth degree when you FINALLY get it. When you see a person getting it (or comparable benefits) after no true effort on their parts, and no true regard towards those that worked for it (or through illegal actions), it seriously pisses the work-for-it people off. Through that it is not surprising that the work-for-it people find themselves to have more conservative/libertarian/traditional/independent/republican/benevolent religious views.

The a**holes that jump the fence, do illegal acts, or pay their way to get, in this case, immigration status AND/OR benefits that they DO NOT deserve, realize that it was easy and thus believe that EVERYTHING else should come just as easy and without any trouble. ESPECIALLY when they were successful in pushing over (bribing) those that SHOULD have been the keepers of the gate. Not liking opposition, they get mad at those that they cannot push over, bribe and so on. These people are the liberals/progressives/socialists/democrats/ideological/violent religious/etc.

It is part of life I suppose, but it doesn’t stop me from being angry at the fence and line jumpers when they get benefits that they don’t deserve just because they have loud barks, violent ways and cry racism every time they don’t get what they want, when they want it.


I think the two types of immigrants breakdown similarly to the difference between conservatives and liberals.

Conservatives/legal immigrants believe that it is up to the individual to work for what they want. Lawful immigration, like anything worth having, takes time and effort. Sensible people acknowledge this, and work through it.

Liberals/illegal immigrants have convinced themselves that they are owed something. Well, no, not really; I have to assume that they know they are full of it, just don’t care. It’s comparable to a two year old pointing at something and saying “MINE!” The toddler is, of course, justified: they have to concept of ownership outside what they know to be “theirs.” Much like liberals feel that anything they desire is their “right” and there for the government’s to provide, illegal immigrants feel that their desire to live here is all that is needed to justify their arrival. It’s about what they want. I don’t want to hear about “law abiding illegal immigrants.” It’s a null term- their presence here is unlawful.

Hmm….I’m going to hush now…my first comment turned into much more of a rant than I intended. Anyways, glad I found this site, haha. Nice to (sort of) meet you all.


Welcome and I am actually quite honored your first comment is in response to one of my own. This is indeed a great site.

” illegal immigrants feel that their desire to live here is all that is needed to justify their arrival.”

Exactly. That is why they don’t care to be reminded that they took a shortcut, because their excuse is that they didn’t have the time to do right by themselves and their families, they were in need and their desire to be here is more important than doing things the right way. I understand poverty very well, I know what is like to be poor, but being poor, being in need and “not having the time” are not viable excuses for not doing the right thing. Stealing money because he is (or his family are) hungry will not save the thief from prison. I don’t care if it seems harsh, the thief should instead work and the immigrant should file the paperwork and wait in line. The outcome of doing things right far outweighs the outcomes of not doing things right in my opinion.


Welcome aboard sir! Enjoy your stay, this is a by word of mouth experience…sort of, but we like it and we stick up for each other for the most part. We can smell the sabateurs by the stench they release the moment they post…it’s fun to throw stuff at libtards, they’re too stupid to move out of the way!


Their students intern at MSNBC & the NY Times.


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