In light of the recent school shooting in Florida when will the Democrats start worrying about Illegal Immigration and Crime? As usual, the anti-gun Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are pontificating about gun-control and banning military style assault rifles this morning. The bodies aren’t cold yet, but hey, never waste a good tragedy if you can promote your blathering bullshit.

While it appears the shooter may be a legal citizen, from what we read he’s evidently Cuban and it appears, per the below photo, that he likes Communism, mass murderers, or both. Another crazed Bernie or Hillary voter? Perhaps.

What we’d like to know is how Democrats in Congress and the left in general can so easily complain about this, yet ignore all the homicides committed by illegal aliens?

In addition to the killer of Kate Steinle being let off the hook by 12 morons in San Francisco, the linked article contains the following data about illegal aliens imprisoned for homicide-related offenses.

  • ARIZONA: 240
  • CALIFORNIA: 2,430
  • FLORIDA: 480
  • NEW YORK: 1,350
  • TEXAS: 900

This is only 5 states out of 50. Imagine what the total is if all 50 states are counted? Per the author.

Taking the data only from these five states, and assuming that each person incarcerated for a homicide-related offense is responsible for only one death, yields 5,400 people killed by illegal aliens.

Until the illegal alien murder problem is solved the Democrats in DC and the left should frankly shut the f**k up about gun control.

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It is impossible to find some real numbers but estimations are close to 40% of New Mexico’s prison population are illegals. And that does not count those who murdered someone, robbed someone, got drunk and killed someone in a car crash, who were let out on bail by some liberal judge. And, of course, they hauled ass to Mexico as soon as they stepped out of the courthouse. And who knows what name they are using now because they got another set of fake paperwork and snuck back across the border.

The entire immigration problem is a f**king joke and our politicians, state and federal, are a bigger f**king joke because they refuse to do anything about it. Meanwhile we taxpayers are being bled dry to house, feed, clothe, take care of the illegals.

Not so silent
Not so silent

Funny how all these mass shooters are liberal….And the liberals being of unsound mind blame the NRA. Chelsea (pee in my face) Handler is out with a tweet blaming republicans. Too bad these stupid bastards don’t take a look in the mirror, mass shootings, terrorist activities, cop killings ALL belong to the left and liberals. Illegals who commit crimes are just poor misunderstood people looking for a better life. Antifa, BLM, La Raza, all terrorist organizations and all on the LEFT. The leftards keep up with this resist shit and it is going to continue. Schools are the perfect target being gun free. So demotards, YOU are responsible for this. You should be real proud of what you have done. You have become worthless pieces of human debris that want a war, and when it happens, don’t bitch about the results when you loose Bigly.


How you have done the job you do for so long is beyond me, you must have the patience of Job. When I first got out of the military the sheriff in the county I lived in, an old friend, offered me a job. Even told me the county would pay for my certification training. I thanked him and turned him down. I knew I would never be a good cop, I do not have much tolerance for stupidity to this day.

And today? To risk your life for so many ungrateful assholes makes no sense. I risked my life for a bunch of ungrateful assholes over 40 years ago, damned if I want to make a career of it. You, and all the cops in our nation, are the cream of the crop in my book.


According to this link, he was reported to the FBI back in September for threatening to do a school shooting… so once again we see the most useless police agency in the world bungle a threat. How many is that now? What do those morons DO over there at the FBI? Spend all their time going after Donald Trump and having affairs?

And here’s the most disturbing part. According to the guy who called the FBI to report the threat, they came to his house, asked him one question, and “took a screen shot” of the threat. A screen shot? Seriously? They don’t have computers and printers back there at their FBI offices? WTF?


The Feebles blew it in 1993 when terrorists tried to bomb the World Trade Center.

They blew it when they didn’t figure out terrorists were taking flying lessons and eventually hijacked the jets on 9-11, taking the trade centers down causing the deaths of almost 3,000 Americans and injuring thousands of others.

The Feebles blew it when they couldn’t figure out that an American man married a radical Muslim woman and 14 died and many others injured in San Bernardino.

They blew it again when they couldn’t figure out that terrorists were going to attack a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 and wounding over 50 others.

What good is the FBI? None at all. The FBI should be done away with and the hundreds of millions saved every year could be given to local law enforcement agencies across the country to help them protect their citizens.