J. Edgar Hoover suspects that Obama may be a Communist

by editor on August 3, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Communist? Let’s just let the evidence speak for itself.

CommieTunes are a lot like LooneyToons, only scarier. Their video is an example of a brilliant concept, stupendous research and great editing. Congrats, CommieTunes, on a job well done.

H/T: IOwnTheWorld.com

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It’s been rumored that JEH liked to dress up in drag. Throw in Bawney Fwank (cowardly lion), Al Gore (tin man), cast Chrissie Matthews as the no-brained scarecrow and I see a new version of The Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers ‘n all. After all, the democrat version of America is about as possible at the emerald city.
Other roles to fill:
Wicked witch of west – none other than Nancy Pelosi.
Coroner – Kevorkian
The phony do nothing wizard that everybody worships but is nothing but smoke and mirrors – BO himself.


Any time somewone goes from being a nobody junior senator to President in 2 years, you know there is something going on behind the scenes, We all tried to warn people, but we were shouted down. We are vindicated.


EXACTLY!!!! No one seems to have had a problem with him campaigning for the Presidency the moment he became a senator… I mean come on! I didn’t get that people didn’t see anything wrong with this. Everything just went TOO right for him in the RIGHT time you know what I mean?


Oh, oh – you just admitted that it was edited.

Therefore, as we learned from the Breitbart fiasco, unless you now play all 12,000 hours of footage around the clips to gain “context”, I have to assume you are lying and taking absolutely EVERYTHING he said out of context.
/sarc off

Carry on.


Those that have ears, let them hear….


Great video… I knew all that back in “07” and warned everyone I could… of course I was called a reactionary and much worse… but who’s laughing now?


The moment he started talking about using the tax code “for purposes of fairness”, alarms started going off…
Here’s an example from the democrat primary debates:

Not long after that came the infamous “spread the wealth around” unscripted moment with that plumber guy…

Then more recently, this: