Republican Congressman on budget cuts: “We all deserve to be tarred and feathered”

by editor on April 15, 2011

Texas Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling has in interesting perspective on last week’s last minute budget cuts. has the details:

Hensarling agreed that the United States should not default on its loans, but put the onus on Obama.

“I continue to agree with 80 percent of what the president says, but I just disagree with 80 percent of what he does,” Hensarling said. “He’s going to have to work with us to cut up the credit cards and put the nation on a fiscally sustainable path.”

But the better line was when Hensarling said, “On the one hand, this is the single largest year-to-year cut in the federal budget, frankly, in the history of the America in absolute terms and in inflation-adjusted terms, it’s the biggest since World War II. Probably for that we all deserve medals, the entire Congress. Relative to the size of the problem it’s not even a rounding error. In that case, we all deserve to be tarred and feathered.”

We’ll get the tar. You get the feathers. Let’s meet up on Capitol Hill.


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God will the self fellating on the part of congress people ever end? Deserve to be tarred and feathered? Your assistants and families deserve that. You all deserve to be hung from the nearest lamp post. Every last one of you. A country of 300 million going down the sh*tter because 536 of you (435 +100+1prez) can’t resist giving that can yet another kick down the road in order to get elected again.

Maybe just maybe some of you will be around when it all comes unglued and you will finally get what you deserve.