Jeff Sessions nails Education Secretary: “Why don’t we just spend three times as much?”

by editor on March 3, 2011

Education Secretary Arne Duncan probably didn’t enjoy the time he spent testifying before Congress on Monday.

He got grilled – really grilled – by Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who pointed out that we’ve spent a lot more money on education in recent years and have gotten diddly back for our investment.

National Review reviews the lunacy of the left:

As Duncan tries to make the case for more spending, Sessions interjects: “Why don’t we just spent three times as much? Won’t that just help us fix it all?”

Duncan responds by arguing that when in comes to Pell grants, the administration “made some very tough cuts,” i.e. asking for a $5 billion increase while “reducing costs” by $20 billion:

Sessions: “This is Washington math. You haven’t cut Pell grants. Pell grants are increasing dramatically, Mr. Secretary. The numbers are plain.”

Duncan: “That’s correct, and they would have increased even more substantially, even more significantly did we not made the tough painful decision to eliminate…”

Sessions: “You’re proposing they be increased that much, they’re not going to be increased that much because we don’t have the money!”

Forget Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. This is more like Charlie Sheen Goes to Washington.

Source: National Review

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Daniel Quinn

Let me throw this in to the mix…All the Lib. educators are the result of the draft dodging hippies who didn’t want to fight in war, ie: VN, etc. But went instead to college, earned a degree in Liberal Arts, and now are teachers who can’t be fired.


You hit it with that statement! And now we see teachers who were taught by the college professors who were taught by the drift dodging cowards who became college professors and taught future teachers.

What I find funny is the answers I get when I ask any of the local kids attending college just what is a “Liberal Arts” degree! I can ask 10 kids and get 10 different answers. They are in “wishy-washy” training and will make fine teachers when they graduate.

Jim Stewart

I would love to see the smugness wiped off Arne Duncan’s face. For starters, could someone stuff Obama’s budget up his ass?

Joe Elms

Only a Liberal can call increasing the spending a reduction!


Geezus, aren’t the people who got us into this financial mess all college educated?


Not just college educated, but they are almost all IVY LEAGUERS.

True Historian

Public education:

* Liberals have been in charge of education for 50 years – yet education is out of control.
* Education is out of control – yet liberal teaching methods prevail.
* Liberal teaching methods prevail – yet public schools are failing.
* Public schools are failing – yet their funding keeps growing.
* Their funding keeps growing – yet public schools are always underfunded.
* Public schools are always underfunded – yet private schools yield better results for less.
* Private schools yield better results for less – yet public education is the only way out of the crisis.


Short form: EDUCATION is no substitute for INTELLIGENCE, or more importantly, EXPERIENCE and the WISDOM that is gained from it.


Every time I read that headline, I mentally drop a word or two, and it comes out:

“Jeff Sessions nails Secretary.”

Good show, Jeff.


Looks like someone doesn’t like Jeff Sessions nailing secretaries.

That’s just mean.


All students are being trained to excel at the “new” math, which is more like a shell and pea game. Too many students are getting the concept that they will not have to add up to anything, and that it is more important that they “seem” to be able to figure a problem out and present a solution. Why work on real substance when you can more easily present form without basis.

Grammar Fuhrer

Need some ice for that burn, Mr. Sessions?


We need to just dismantle this department. Our scores have actually gone down since its inception. It could save BILLIONS not having to pay for their Ponzi Schemes.


I feel the same way about our state Dept. of Education. Since it’s creation a little over 20 years ago all we have seen is less education and higher dropout rates.


The secretary of education proves once again why so many parents are seeking other means and measures to educate their children.

Sen Sessions was dead on about Washington math. When is a cut an actual increase, when the cut is done by a Washington bureaucrat? The dept of education needs to go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct.


That’s one trillion (with a T) over the next decade. That means we need to cut an 100 billion (with a B) dollars out of the budget a year for ten years and we can’t even agree to cut 4 billion (with a B) out of this year’s budget! We’ll need to do better than that because we don’t have the money not to! We are literally screwed if we don’t and these guys are sifting gnat shit out of pepper right now…God spare us from them both!