Jesse Jackson says that Jesus didn’t speak English. At least we think that’s what he said.

by editor on September 20, 2010

Apparently, the Good Reverend Jackson believes that some Republicans believe that Jesus spoke English.

Hell, man, we don’t even believe that Jesse Jackson speaks English.


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Seeing as how English did not exist in the time of Jesus, I doubt seriously he spoke it. He did speak aramaic and read and wrote in Hebrew, as well as having at least a working knowledge of Greek and Latin. Maybe the blacks could learn to speak English, since ebonics is a non-language and makes them all look stupid and uneducated.


But Deb…, It’s so fly an’ happ’nin to be stoopid… Yew no wat am sayin’, Yew no wat am sayin’, Yew no wat am sayin’?


I doubt it was ebonix or spanish. However, I’ll bet he coulda figured any of em out faster than Mila Jovavich in The Fifth Element, and she was a quick study!


Poor little man. People aren’t responding to his usual race-baiting so he has to try a different tactic. Anything to keep himself in the public eye. Sad,really sad.

Elrond Hubbard

“Jesus didn’t speak English.”

And Jesse doesn’t speak coherent English.

Somebody say Amen!


Nor did he speak Ebonics.


I think that last line was, “Say amen somebody?” So now the Great Jesse has to prompt his crowd to say amen? Maybe the crowd needs a teleprompter.


Not while on Earth no He did not. However I will be willing to bet that He would have if it was necessary for Him to do so… and the point is?

I mean really what was the point? So He did not speak English again what does that have to do with anything? Jesse Jackson was suffereing from a heat stroke perhaps.


Reverend Jackson Sir: Does your love child speak English? Oh you don’t want to talk about that subject? Then try watching this—

Pittsburgh Z

I think that it is clear that the Rap and Sports industries have NOT been sharing with the rest of the BLACK COMMUNITY.

The right Reverend Jackson should demand that BLACK stars share the wealth. Wait, that should be ALL people of color, don’t wanna forget all the stars of Major League Baseball.

There is no reason for P Diddy to have $300,000,000 while one brothe rout there only has one pair of Air Jordans….It just ain’t right my brother.

Jack Bauer

what a blooming idiot. sometimes i wonder if he really listens to what he’s saying or if he’s just too f—ing stupid to understand that he sounds like a moron AND most importantly he’s become irrelevant.

Perhaps he needs subtitles like this guy:


Fell off my chair laughing … thanks for the smile!