Jill Stein held a “Count My Vote” rally in Madison. Quick question: if nobody except your mom and a bunch of journalists show up, is it still called a rally?

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Why is she still a person? Seriously… the hell…?


It’s a pouting fest and a hissy fit


It is, & I hope crap like this is still going on for a few more weeks in Madison. I am going there to check out a couple of Big 10 college hockey. Minnesota at Wisconsin, & it is more fun going to road games, just saying. Anyway, I could use some more entertainment, what Stein is involved with is performance art, with no real purpose, other then being a publicity stunt. I just want to point & laugh, because I am still not sick of winning. Not yet.

Not so silent

Jill is trying to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame….which was over about 3 minutes after it started. She has one trait in common with that putz that is currently stealing furniture from the white house. She is a narcissist.

Joe Redfield

The ‘rally’ didn’t take long – there was only one vote to count, and even most Greens can count to one.


With Trump being a Trump, HRC being a gangster, Johnson thinking Aleppo is one of the Marx brothers, Stein seemed like the only rational human- until people actually got to hear what she says. Evan McMullen was a CIA plant to try to stop Trump and a closer look into our stupidity in Benghazi/Syria which leaves Darrell Castle, who no one has ever heard of.

How did we end up with people running for POTUS, that you would pay not to have to sit with on a long flight?


Good question. My nephew is a liberal and says he was thinking of voting for Stein until he listened to her for a while. And McMullen–did you hear what he said about conservatives being racists? Good grief. Talk about stabbing your biggest source of voters in the back…

Not so silent

McMullen and Stein are both pouting and lashing out, just like…..Hitlery! Three assholes who dreamed of running the country, when they would have been better off buying a lotto ticket. The odds of winning would have been much greater…They all wished they could be president, like my dear old mom used to say… “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster”…Mom had a way with words.. 🙂