Joe Biden: One night only, $10 cover charge, two drink minimum

by editor on January 30, 2010

Vice President Joe "I just flew in and, boy, are my arms tired" Biden

That Joe Biden is a regular comedian.

He had the Democratic National committee rolling in the aisles when he told them to “keep the faith” and then went into his “sixty Senate seats wasn’t all it was cracked up to be” routine.

“When we had sixty votes there was the expectation left, right, and center that we could do everything we wanted to do, which was never realistic. Never,” Biden said. “Yes, it’s had a practical impact, but I’m not so sure what a blessing 60 votes was.”

He neglected to say the Senate had a really tough time getting any two Democrats to agree on anything without “greasing the wheels” or “making the sausage” or “cracking eggs” or conducting some type of Washington, DC euphemism for political bribery.

“Biden said that when they had 59 seats in the Senate “no one thought that somehow we were destined to fail … Nobody thought we would not be able to get anything done.” So apparently even the VP was surprised by that failure.

But in the strangest part of the speech Biden said, “Look, we understand that people are frustrated….if the Lord Almighty were president why wouldn’t they be frustrated? There’s over 10 million people unemployed.”

We’re not sure if Biden was saying that even God couldn’t fix the unemployment numbers if Obama couldn’t, or that God wouldn’t make a better President than the Greatest President In History. Either way, the Vice President might be guilty of a bit of overstatement.

The Vice President also said “…there is a sense that the only thing we cared about was healthcare and bailing out banks.” Of course, that fire may have been stoked by the fact that the only things they cared about were health care and bailing out the banks.

All in all, Joe Biden remains exactly who friends and foes believed him to be – a harmless, funny old coot with hair plugs who keeps us laughing, keeps us guessing and keeps us wondering what the hell we were thinking last year.

Source: Talking Points Memo

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Say it ain’t so, Joe!


Joe Biden is not a real human. He is really a giant insect from Pandora.

Dee Mac
Dee Mac

Don’t forget this little gem: Stand up for Chuck. I still crack up each time I think about it.