Judge throws out ‘Clock Boy’ discrimination suit against school. It appears that making bombs clocks is not a First Amendment right.

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Now that he doesn’t have Barky to back him up, he’s just another schmuck.


Nobody wants to say it, but thinking people know the truth: This was a set up from the very beginning. Especially when one adds the family’s history. The family came together and contrived this.

Most people may not know but Muslims are patient people, even to the point of waiting things out for hundreds of years to strike, they are very generational people. With that said, they only had to wait a couple of years. They probably are angry Hillary didn’t win, for in the new age of Trump, perhaps Judges feel they can uphold the law again.

All in all, going back, this was a set up. The family came together and the Father decided to use his son to both get money out of taxpayers (a form of Jizya) and to attempt to establish Muslim dominance or jihad on the area or the state or country. It had a great deal of promise thanks in great part to Obama, but then it ultimately failed as it should have from the beginning.

We all know this was a set up when 1: The kid showed the machine to a shop teacher (perhaps waiting for him to react) and the shop teacher didn’t and TOLD him strongly to NOT show it to anyone else, for they may get the wrong idea and THEN he did exactly that for that exact reason… He wanted a teacher to react and get the wrong idea. 2: When the family history came out of they using the law to try to get goodies and their relationships with iffy Muslim organizations.

In the age of terrorism ANY person or child but especially a known Muslim person or child walking around with something that can EASILY be misconstrued as a bomb and showing it off is asking to be arrested or get into serious trouble. The school IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION did not overreact, they acted accordingly and the Judge made the right call.


This boy and his family are exactly the reason I have no respect for Muslims.


The Left is succeeding in dividing us into tribes. They elevate the dividers and downplay on the good guys. Race. Class. Gender…the trinity of the Left

Joe Redfield

The story conveniently leaves out the fact that Clock Boy did not actually build anything: he repackaged a clock he bought at Radio Shack. This whole story could have been scripted by Al Sharpton.

Not so silent

Damn…How is clock boy’s father gonna get rich now? His kid might have to resort to making real bombs.