Talk show hosts circle wagons around Oprah, won’t interview her unauthorized biographer Kitty Kelley

by editor on April 10, 2010

Kitty Kelley

The media protect their own by refusing to interview Oprah biographer Kitty Kelley

And considering Oprah’s current girth, a very wide circle it is.

Larry King, Charlie Rose, David Letterman and Barbara Walters all turned thumbs down on interviews with celebrity biographer Kitty Kelly, whose unauthorized bio of Oprah will soon be released.

Odd, one might have to conclude, considering the gleeful receptions Kelley received from those same hosts when she penned a scandalous bio of George Bush a few years ago.

Margo Howard reports the hypocritical headlines:

“… most of the kingpin interviewers in the mainstream media were astonishingly up front about saying they would not help Kitty Kelley promote her book because they didn’t want to offend Oprah! They didn’t even make up excuses; they flat-out said they didn’t want to offend Oprah. It was surprising, to say the least, that interviewers such as Larry King, Charlie Rose, David Letterman and Barbara Walters all shut her out. Walter’s turn-down was especially interesting in that she said she wouldn’t even have Kelley on “The View.” I mean, that’s a show with four or five babes nattering on, where no guest is on for more than maybe seven minutes. Walters told Random House publicity she didn’t want to “upset” Oprah. Letterman said he didn’t want to “disrupt” his détente with Oprah. And ABC, whose name might as well now stand for “All ‘Bout Cowards,” made an across-the-board decision that Kelley’s book would be boycotted by all ABC shows. Even second-tier people like Joy Behar followed suit. And Rachael Ray! A cooking show, no less.

Much to our surprise, Kelley has booked an appearance in one unexpected place.

… To their credit, the top show for people flogging books, “The Today Show,” will be Kitty’s first publicity stop when the book is released. Bill O’Reilly will be the second. I find all this really interesting. What is it, I wonder, that has major television people so afraid of Oprah? It is a question whose answer I look forward to finding in Kelley’s book. I will get back to you when I’ve read it.

To his credit, Matt Lauer actually gave Kelley a pretty good grilling when she appeared on the Today Show to hype her bio of George Bush.

Our advice? Don’t bother with Lauer and the Today Show. Wait until Kelley appears on Fox.


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I feel strongly this book is a real piece of work and I’m embarrassed to have read most of it (mostly becaues I couldn’t believe how cruel the author was being and not even trying to hide her resentment towards Oprah)… From almost the first page you can tell the author has a bone to pick and she holds no cheap punches….sleazy, a full load tabloid trash. This book is exploitative, a character assault, and simply perpetuates rumor and innuendo. Honestly, someone to write such filth must have it in for Oprah who clearly vibrates way too high for Kitty’s liking! Oprah I love you for being your authentic self and encouraging us all to reach our highest potential with love and truth, compassion all around! 🙂


Why are Americans so concerned about other peoples personal lives? Kitty Kelley I’m sure you have some skeletons in your closet too. I can’t wait to read a bio on you.


She is possibly not a person that should talk about others lives. She seems very shady. O’Reilly caught her in a lie and she tapped dance around it.

Tabloid “journalism” is rampant in Europe and it is more vicious there, in my opinion, than in North America.

Latin American, Asian and I am sure many African countries had their versions of tabloid “journalism”. There are people in those countries that are famous for whatever reason and people want to know all that there is to know about their lives. The reason I said this is because your statement is a generalization on Americans when I am sure your culture is more than guilty in over exposing people or being too overly concern for the private lives of others who are in the media a lot. Like the English and Princess Diana (although concern for her was fairly global).

Concern of other people’s lives (ESPECIALLY when they are famous) is universal it is not based on one specific country or group of people.

With that said, I do share the sentiment that sometimes there is a thing as too much information and there are things that are none of our business.


Well Kitty Kelley has always been one to write biographies on people filled mostly with half truths and hearsay. I remember she did one on Ronald Reagan and spread the rumor that Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra were involved in a love affair.


I think she is going to divulge the story that the Chicago press has succeeded in suppressing for years.

During one of her “binge” periods, Federal drug enforcement agents confronted Oprah at O’ Hare International Airport. During the ensuing struggle, agents lifted up the back of her dress and found 200 lbs. of crack.

Florida Ferret

Umm, Oprah? It’s called “censorship.”

matthew s harrison

Kitty is letting the cat out of the bag, that oprah bats from the wrong side of the plate and that steadman is just a ruse. guarantee it! gonna be good-ohhhhh the humanity!