Latest radio ratings show Rush rules the roost

by editor on April 18, 2009

When it comes to ratings, Rush Limbaugh is not blowing smoke.

When it comes to ratings, Rush Limbaugh is not blowing smoke.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity seem to leave all the other talkers in the radio ratings dust. And although Limbaugh’s lead over Hannity appears slim at first glance, deeper analysis shows that Rush leaves Hannity in the dust, too.

Talkers Magazine says Limbaugh has “a minimum” of 14.75 million listeners who tune in at least once per week. Hannity comes in a close second with 13.75 million.

Limbaugh’s achievement is even more remarkable than it may seem because Hannity’s potential audience is much larger than Limbaugh’s.

Hannity airs 3 pm-6 pm EST. So his entire show airs in radio’s “primetime” in the East and portions of it air in “primetime” everywhere except the Pacific Coast.

Limbaugh’s program airs noon-three pm EST, a virtual dead zone for radio. One of the reasons for his success in syndication is that he brings his affiliates a highly-entertaining, highly-rated program that makes that makes it easy for them to sell advertising time in a daypart on which they used to lose money.

Here’s a complete list of the Top 10:

Top Ten Radio Ratings Rush Rules

One other comment:

Ed Schultz has 2,500,000 listeners? OK, now we think the whole survey may be bogus.

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Jim Webster

I read the comment claiming Sean Hannity is in the tank for Republicans, i.e., “Republican good…Democrat bad”. I agree with half of that comment. Democrats ARE usually bad, but Republicans are sometimes bad too. Sean does not claim to be a Republican. He claims to be a Conservative as anyone who has ever listened to his show knows. He frequently criticizes Republicans whenever they stray from Conservative principles. I listen to Mark Levin so I can’t comment on Michael Savage.

Gemini Rising

Well said! Our best talk show host aren’t necessarily Republicans or Democrats. They are Reganite Conservatives. Rather than join in with all the other 3rd graders commenting here, I am not going to say who I think is Best and who is worst. Opinions like that belong to sports blogs- “My Team Is Better Than Yours”…
The truth is; Hannity, Rush & Mark Levin are good friends and nary stray from the same ideology. Savage, who I have respect for, has made choices that ‘for reasons outside their control’ has forced our more eminent conservatives to separate themselves from him. It doesn’t make him any more relevant…just less effective in the true conservative moment.
Prop’s for Red Eye.


It’s great to see Savage toward the top of the list. As good as he is you’d think he’d above Hannity. I can only listen to about 30 minutes max. of Sean. He’s a Republican honk that won’t spout out against his own party. To Sean it’s Republican good…Democrat bad. Why can’t he make his own observations and come up with his own solution or conclusions? That’s what makes Savage the best. He’s not in bed with either party. It’s too easy to label one party as better than the other. As a matter of fact it’s seer laziness. Savage calls it as he sees it and I’ll continue to listen as long as he does.


Where do some of the bigger sports talk shows fit in? I would have to think Mike&Mike or Jim Rome would be near the bottom of the top 10.

James A. Webster

I listen to Laura Ingraham on the internet, then to Rush on radio, Sean on radio, then Mark Levin on the internet. I’m retired and that pretty much takes up my day. Sunday nights I never miss Bill Cunningham. Bill was the only one I heard who defended Savage from the Brits. Sorry nobody else bothered to do the same.


I like Bill Cunningham too. He used to be on at an odd hour, but i would still catch him on occasion, then unfortuntely, his show was moved and I haven’t been able to find him again.

Upper right side……….”Search for show” box, enter Bill Cunningham.
Click on “News/Talk”….will take you to shows.


Man, I hate the media too. At least the corporate media. Make no mistake – every host on there is a fear-mongering, control-freak doing propaganda to promote the corporate state. Even Ed Shultz is a stooge for the corporate DLC’s. In fact, Limbaugh, Hannity and company are America haters. They hate the progressive, enlightened ideals of our founding fathers. They even hate the constitution. They simply work for the top 1% and work to protect thier interests. They hate democracy, unions, human rights. They are so disfunctional that they even hate the earth they live on. The good hosts out there in radio get less exposure – people like Thom Hartmann, Marc Maron, Mike Malloy – because they don’t kiss up to the suits and the corporate power-brokers.


Well, Thom(I really don’t need the “H”)Hartmann, Marc Maron, & Mike Malloy are hosts with limited appeal & almost no listenership. These hosts, & there are others, who denounce capitalism & wonder why they can’t get ratings & bring in advertisers. Who woudda believed it? Those host may spit in the face of the suits & corperate power-brokers rather then kiss their a$$es, but would be more then willing to suck & swallow the ultimate power-brokers, BIG GOV’T.

Thanks for playing Shawn, we have some nice parting gifts for you, & learn how spell your name. Everyone knows it should be Sean.


My personal favorite is Savage…the guy is a the best of this bunch by far…he’s a free thinker and a free speaker …. rush and hannity seem a bit forced at times…and they often steal savages thoughts and run them as their own…but # 3 is a good place to run….it keeps some of the Left Winged heat off of him….


I couldn’t agree more. Savage is far more interesting than any of the others. Limbaugh is okay, Hannity is a tad on the boring side, Beck is a complete buffoon, and Ingraham has chronic PMS. I have listened to Savage for six years and he is the only one who consistently holds my interest, unless he starts talking about food or the Sopranos. I would listen to his whole show every day if I had the time.

Catherine Quinn

We, who are unable to get through on your phone line, would welcome an email address to comment to/on/by–
We love you Mark! Keep educating the American public — how can we get the attention of those who are too prejudiced/uneducated to listen to conservative talk radio/tv?
Obama is simply a front-man for the democrats and the likes of Bill Ayers/J. Wright. That’s why he remains silent or takes the communal position for America! He loves his newfound importance. Let’s keep an eye on Hillary and Bill in the background–they haven’t changed! And Obama is not as smart as the media would have us believe — his history/general knowledge is sadly wanting!


Sorry, editor, before I saw your comment, I had to ban Bob for subsequent foul language and plain ugly comments. So that removed his comment here on this thread.


Can’t believe Medved is in the top ten.