Latest radio ratings show Rush rules the roost

by editor on April 18, 2009

When it comes to ratings, Rush Limbaugh is not blowing smoke.

When it comes to ratings, Rush Limbaugh is not blowing smoke.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity seem to leave all the other talkers in the radio ratings dust. And although Limbaugh’s lead over Hannity appears slim at first glance, deeper analysis shows that Rush leaves Hannity in the dust, too.

Talkers Magazine says Limbaugh has “a minimum” of 14.75 million listeners who tune in at least once per week. Hannity comes in a close second with 13.75 million.

Limbaugh’s achievement is even more remarkable than it may seem because Hannity’s potential audience is much larger than Limbaugh’s.

Hannity airs 3 pm-6 pm EST. So his entire show airs in radio’s “primetime” in the East and portions of it air in “primetime” everywhere except the Pacific Coast.

Limbaugh’s program airs noon-three pm EST, a virtual dead zone for radio. One of the reasons for his success in syndication is that he brings his affiliates a highly-entertaining, highly-rated program that makes that makes it easy for them to sell advertising time in a daypart on which they used to lose money.

Here’s a complete list of the Top 10:

Top Ten Radio Ratings Rush Rules

One other comment:

Ed Schultz has 2,500,000 listeners? OK, now we think the whole survey may be bogus.

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great post. also looking forward to part 2.


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Ed Schultz has 2.5 million viewers? I would have thought more people would listen to him considering about 50 million americans are on some type of welfare. MSNBC, Obama, Ed Schultz and the rise of the the welfare state. Somehow these four subjects fit together like a perfect puzzle.


Rush has turned into America’s ass hole. Ican’t believe I used to listen to him and trusted his judgements.. after his doping period he turned into a jerk

I guess when you got money you act like an ass…. tell Hannity to cut the dord and drop his Rush ass kissing


So what did Rush say that has you turned against him? I havent listened to him for a while.


There are far more reasonable and well-informed conservative voices out there.


Rush lover, or someone who doesn’t think any conservatives are reasonable and well-informed? Or xenophobic alien hater?


Why is Howard Stern not on this list?

Kip Hooker

Is Howard Stern back on terrestrial radio?


Rememer that Rush and his ilk are on more stations because the old laws that forbid the ownership of multible stations has been over-turned by the powers of the Crapitalist who buy all the stations such as “The Murdoch”.


You would’nt be talking about other “crapitalist operations like NBC-U, which have about 20 channels on my satellite tv lineup? Same for Viacom & Turner. Besides, NPR has how many stations nationally? You know, state controled media? Plus, tell me why NPR can broadcast to Americans when Voice Of America cannot. VOA is not allowed, by law, to broadcast to the homeland because it’s deemed to be propaganda. NPR ain’t too far behind, & it should’nt be getting tax dollars. Nor should it while working with DIRECTLY with groups like Propublica…

…funded by the Sandler’s of NYC. They are as hypreractive politically as George Soros & & Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance.

Jim Webster

I watched the debate tonight. You heard it here first. A Romney-Bachmann ticket would and should win over Obama-Biden!

dl thomsen

Rush vs Paul Harvey. Harvey is a class act; a true gentleman. Limbaugh is a show person. While his ideology is heartfelt and comes from his core, his personal life proves his ideology stops when his hedonistic needs come into play. Limbaugh is a recovering dope head. He is deaf as a result of his addiction and has remarkably overcome that impairment. Compared the two, both are great broadcasters and both have well rooted philosophies. Only one of these gentlemen was a healthy human.

Jim Webster

I don’t think Rush Limbaugh would trade places with Paul Harvey right now. Rush admired Paul and when Rush started, Paul was on top of the heap. Within a few short years, Rush was on top of the heap. As far as I know, Paul did stories, commentaries and commercials, quite different from hosting a three hour, radio talk show, five days a week. They were both good in their own unique way.

peter graminiano

I remember back in 68 when Paul Harvey blew the entire Blackhawks team. It was awesome!


I’m starting to feel old around here. I started listening to Rush over 20 years ago and even though my work kept my traveling a lot I usually found a station that aired his show.

The other greatest radio show host was Paul Harvey. I first heard his show in 1969 and became an instant fan. It was a sad day in AM radio history when he passed away.


For the past 10 to 15 years or so I assumed that I would hate Rush so I never listened. I told my friends that he must be a stupid bigot and sexist because I heard it constantly by the media. It was in the News, on Sitcoms, in magazines, movies, and spewing from every Celebrity’s mouth. I thought the commonality of the comments made them salient which has a lot to do with why “I hate the Media” so much. Repitition doesn’t make it right, it just means that many partisans have microphones and repeat each other.

When I finally listened I found him to be highly intelligent, articulate and fascinating. While I don’t always agree with every view I am old enough and smart enough to listen without feeling “brainwashed” which is what he gets accused of often. Sometimes he’s talking about stuff I’m unfamiliar with so I don’t know yet if I agree with his comments or not, but I still enjoy listening to hear him explain himself. Usually I Google while he’s talking and look around the Internet for other opinions.

When you listen to the show and THEN listen to the criticism, it’s obvious how his words are being twisted. Sometimes it takes less than an hour.
Most of the quotes attributed to him are either made-up, missing important words, or the punch line to a joke where he was clearly being sarcastic. His show is laced in Conservative-style comedy which no one does better, but it makes for horrible sound bites if that’s all you see are out-of-context quotes. I daresay any Comedian might sound odd if you just publish the punch line.
If something on CSPAN upsets me (like a Pelosi quote or legistlation I disagree with) his comedic stylings make me laugh and therefore make me feel calmer as opposed to more aggitated (which is the stereotype).

So….It turns out I was the one being “stupid” because I trusted the media and assumed I could comment on something without actually listening.
I learned my lesson and will try very hard to never do that again.
I believe that people leaving the hate-filled posts on this site have never listened to the show or gave it a quick 5 or 10 minutes and decided they could sum him and his audience up with a quick glance.