Liberal Super PAC Goes After Mitch McConnell’s ‘Chinese’ Wife: We’re tempted to suggest that this is just another victim in the proglodyte war against women and minorities. But the proglodytes war is far more broad than just that. Their enemy isn’t confined to any group or designation of people. Their war is against any individual that does not bow to their demands.

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Why is it that Mexicans who sneak over the border to suck our system dry and breed their little anchor spawn, are untouchable. But an Asian woman who emigrated legally, who’s family worked hard and educated their children and who became pillars of society, is somehow suspect? Doe this make ANY sense at all?


Only from the POV that progressives believe that illegal Mexicans are a potential mass voting bloc while hard working Asians are not.


Always follow the money. If that doesn’t work, follow the votes.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

More Alinsky tactics at work I see. McConnel needs to sue these communist turds back to N. Korea.


Even ThinkProgress is slamming the super PAC!


Judd has so much stupid shit in her past she is DRT when she enters the race.

Why is it the leftist who constantly attack the spouse of their opponent? The leftist where bitching about war on women, yet it’s they and their surrogates that are attacking women. McConnel needs to stop the middle of the road crap and just go for the juggler right out of the box and clean her clock. Then out his attention to doing what’s right for the country and not his and Elaine’s party calendar.


Racist against the Chinese?


Yeah yeah, we’re sorry if we offended someone, some un-named staff flunky made a mistake, we are innocent, blah blah blah. Yet mission accomplished. They planted the seed in the low information voter/Obama cult members. Just who has the “War on Women” again? Oh yeah, the LIV’s had that put in their pea brains too.


Love the guys excuse
“But he later told WFPL that a group volunteer had sent out the messages targeting the former secretary.”

Oh that explains it, you give the keys to your “official” Twitter account to a volunteer? Smart.


It’s always some unnamed underling with these idiots. The underling will never get named or disciplined, and no-one EVER will wonder about the people that can hire such incompetent boobs.


Looks like in Kentucky you can get the Progressive out of the Bubba but you can’t get the Bubba out of the Progressive.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

Part of their need to pretend only old, heterosexual white guys are opposed to progressi-turd utopian “thinking!” Forward!