Liberals go to the barricades to defend crony capitalism. “In the current battle over the Export-Import Bank, Democratic politicians and liberal journalists have dropped their populist pretenses and openly embraced the corporate-federal collusion that Ex-Im embodies.” When they talk, it’s always about the middle-class and the [sniff] poor. When they act, they show you who they really care about.

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Ok, I’m confused.
I thought only the Republicans cared about big business and making sure they make big profits. How do the Democrats suddenly find it in their hearts to like big business? Is it because most of the businesses they seem to like are run by the likes of Jeff Immelt and Bill Gates? Could it be that crony capitalism is the domain of the left, and all their beating of their breasts and gnashing of their teeth was all smoke and mirrors? It must suck when your words come back to bite you in the ass.