Megyn Kelly bitchslaps Milwaukee union president over “sick” teachers

by editor on February 24, 2011

This is a fun clip. A really fun clip. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly tries to get a simple answer out of Milwaukee Teachers Union president Mike Langyel and can’t quite get it.

The question: Does he condone teachers using phony doctors’ notes to get out of work to attend union protests in the state capitol?

As you might expect, Langyel just plain refused to address the question no matter how many times Kelly asked it.

The highlight, though, is when the union thug says that Kelly’s question was “the wrong one to be asking.”

The Fox News hottie looked him square in the eye and said, “For better or for worse, I’m the anchor and you’re the guest. So I’ll come up with the questions and you can answer them or not.”

Langyel opted to go with not.


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I guess kids can’t get a good education without their teacher belonging to a union. I guess skipping class was all “for the kids”.


I wish Megyn would “bitchslap” meeeeeee. I’m jealous. Just saying, “dude.”


The Democratic Party: The Party of GO


Meanwhile, 2/3 of Wisconsin 8th graders read below the proficiency level, and Wisconsin has the 2nd highest per pupil spending level in the Midwest. Explain that anomaly Mr. Langyel!

Grammar Fuhrer

Gotta love his econ 101 sign at 5:59


I had to bail at the 4:32 mark when that union dumbtard called the senators who ran to Illinois “heroic”. Egads! Heroic is planting a flag on Mount Suribachi. Running away from your job is chickenshit.


“…senators who ran to Illinois …”

Jim S., in the military when a soldier runs away from a battle, it’s called desertion. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice this criminal military infraction often carries the death penalty. These state senators are public servants who deserted their public posts during the leadup to a policy battle. I think the govenor of Wisconsin has some leverage here, what do you think? What would you do if you were he?


Nothing he can do hisham, the deserters are “elected officials” and he has no control over their actions. Other than the fact that once all this nonsense is over, and it will be eventually, he can veto every spending bill these cowards send to his desk. These blind fools think that they can win by running away? All they did was nail their political coffin closed.

He should pull a Ronald Reagan on all teachers in the state. Like he said to air traffic controllers: Either show up for work and do your job or all of you are fired! There are plenty of people willing and able to take care of business when the Hoffas of Education are gone.

When I hear twerps like this talk about how this is all for the children I know that he’s not talking about the students in the classromm but rather the spoiled brats in the union.

Twerp: A kid who farts in the bathtub and eats the bubbles – Urban Dictionary

Elrond Hubbard

Langyel wouldn’t answer the question because there is but one honest answer to it: what the teachers and the doctors did (phony sick leave, phony doctors’ notes) was both unethical and illegal. An honest answer would expose his union as corrupt.

I’m surprised that lying clowns like Langyel still appear on Fox where they are challenged with hard ball questions.


Hey thats the same thing the liberals said when Bubba Clinton got busted lying to congress about his involvement with Monika BlewHimSki. That was “the wrong question to be asking” then too.


I have been polling my friends that went into education as a career, and their take on all this BS is very interesting. Keep in mind while reading this that none of my friends who became teachers belong to a union.

Friend One spent 7 years dabbling in various undergraduate degrees until his wife forced him into declaring a major in education so he could graduate and get a job… He has been teaching secondary ed physics for 10 years now and believes that as bad as public school systems are, that union involvement would only make it worse.

Friend Two retired from the Army as a Major and used his G.I. Bill to get a degree in history, political science, & education. He taught for 3 years in a union controlled public school system be fore he was forced to abandon that career and become a logistical consultant. His take is that anything unions are involved in begets corruption and mediocrity, & they should be abolished in order to save what integrity the educational system may still have.

Friend Three is a life long yellow dog dumbo-crat that graduated with a degree in journalism. He spent 6 years delivering pizza/selling dope while trying to get a reporter job at a major news paper until his wife forced him into returning to college to get an education degree so he could graduate and get a real job… He ‘taught’ history for one year, long enough for him to make a lateral move onto the football coaching staff, where he has been exclusively P.E. for the past 10 years. Of course, he supports the party line, and even though he is not a member of the union, he has delusional dreams of how they would get his department so much more money for all the important educational necessity’s like pay raises for coaches, new uniforms for the team, new weight lifting facilities, a new club house and ball field….

Friend Four got her teachers degree because her parent told her that’s what girls had to do to get a job. She taught biology for 3 years until she got into the librarians slot where she has been for at least 15 years… because she hates teaching, but likes having the job. Her take was very clandestine… If the union will get her more benefits and a higher pay check, she’s all for it… but if they want dues and demand she work for the raise, she has no use for it… strange.

And finally Friend Five… She knew she wanted to be a teacher from day one, and after dedicating nearly 20 years of her life to the same school system, was fired because she refused to teach the “selective History” the union thugs wanted. I think you can guess what her stance is.


Update: Over the weekend I had a chance to speak with two of the above mentioned individuals who belong to their state’s version of a Teacher’s Association… It would seem that they are being spurred on by NEA operatives and are now weighing the viability of going on their own version of a wildcat strike in support of the unionized teachers half a country away. I reminded them that they are employed in a state that has “Employer No Fault” laws, and there would be nothing protecting them from receiving pink slips if they did strike & also the high number of currently unemployed teachers who are waiting to take their jobs. Neither of them seemed to concerned about being fired… it’s almost as if they wanted to be unemployed.


and how much does he “earn” for being a talking head of the union. ?


Don’t you know that if a progressive marxist-socialist had to actually truthfully answer a question they would have a stroke and die? That’s why they evade answering questions that require actual answers, I mean, they don’t want to commit politicide. Of course he looked OWNED and worried after Megyn Kelly
bitchslapped him all over the newsroom–he could have died!


I watched this vid yesterday. Funny as hell, this clown gets OWNED. She kept pestering him to answer the question and he kept on side-stepping and she then called a spade a spade. You could tell he was flustered and got mad. HAHAHAHA!!!


Look, 38% proficient in English, 36% proficient in math aren’t easy to get. The problem is the need for more money. In inflation adjusted dollars Wisconsin has added $4200+/- per student since 1998 which provided just a small slide in the test scores. Who knows maybe a $5000/student increase might have kept those abysmal scores even?

Give Governor Walker an email to let him know the rest of the USA supports him and his plan to rescue Wisconsin.


I wish she could slap this beetch right through the screens. Honestly, what a fookin dogturd suckler. I got all the way to 6 minutes without stopping but that’s it. I’ll go back and watch the end later. Love Megyn.


“Better chance of learning”???? “improve education for students”?? What? That’s why our schools have been going down hill since the teachers union was formed?

I had music ed, phys ed, guidance counselors when I went to school. There was no union then, it just doesn’t make sense.


People – that whimpering simp is TYPICAL of gummint run schools. He has no idea how to teach children and no interest in doing so. He is interested in his fiefdom. Research the issue – government run schools are toilets. Read this book – for free! The system as it is cannot teach children – it is not designed to do so. It is designed to control them.


Very smart blonde and beautiful on top of that. He looked like he wanted to cry when she finished with him.

You can bet that the next time he will ask to see the questions before agreeing to appear on another TV show.

As for the children he is so worried about, returning to the class room and educating them would be the best thing that all of them can do.

My employee handbook allows for disciplinary action to be taken for misusing sick leave. It’s time that the state school board of Wisconsin and other agencies take the appropriate actions against all that participated in this fraud.


Go Megyn, Go!


Does the discussion between a doctor and a union bum about the falsification of documents that are subsequently provided to the government constitute a “conspiracy to commit fraud”?


another talking parrot trained his lines by the union, the teaches committed fraud, he is an accomplish to it, the doctor /s who provided the phony sick notes should loss their license. As head of the union his message is to the children he says he wants to protect that to get what you want, its perfectly normal to lie and commit whatever act of dishonesty is OK to achieve your (union) goal. Time the public sector got in line with the same wage and benefit packages that the rest of us deal with.

jim henry

Dude, I’m on your side but you should have paid attention when your teachers were teaching you how to spell.


America – THIS is what is teaching your children.
BTW doesn’t the union pay enough to buy shirts that fit?


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