Rats deserting a sinking ship: Midterms setting stage for mass White House exodus?

by editor on September 15, 2010

The ship is going down and it’s every man, every woman, every hermaphrodite, and every transsexual for himself, herself and itself.

Ignore the political correctness in the previous paragraph and and see what Fox News has to say about the subject:


Let the tell-all memoirs begin: May former Budget Director Peter Orszag's book be the first of many

With congressional midterms just two months away, President Obama has already seen top-level advisers head for the door and more turnover could be on the way before the end of the year.

Such a shake-up would be in line with the cycle of past administrations — the midterms typically set the stage for presidents to re-shape their inner circles. The most drastic example came from Jimmy Carter, who cleared house across his Cabinet and staff in 1979.

No president has followed in Carter’s footsteps, but the Obama White House acknowledges change is coming, in some degree. After two years marked by bloody battles over health care, financial regulation and war, fatigue has set in and the president may be looking for a fresh start.

“There’s no doubt that there will be people that return to their lives and their families,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters this week.

Can’t happen soon enough. Orszag is already out. Romer’s out. Emanuel is already halfway out. And Gibbs is rumored to be right behind him.

This is change we believe in, damn it.

Source: FoxNews.com

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I find it interesting that socialists are leaving socialists. Perhaps they are not as socialistic as they seem to be….or, perhaps soros has offered them higher paying positions to join his nightmare, and being the liberal morons they are, they cannot see the trap.

But I doubt it….it is more likely that they see that the American People, the real Americans are NOT buying into the stupidity of liberalism…unlike our idiot in chief whos is, obviously, too stupid to see what is happening around him…and imagine that! He is stupid….obviously.

I am so over the ignorance…the blatent stupidity of these lemmings that still support this fool……..God help our education system…..corrupted for so long by these rejects…..and ours kids…..


The ones leaving now are smart. If they’re not there the Half-Cracker™ can”t point fingers and blame them when his Socialist house of cards collapses.


Instead of rats abandoning a sinking ship, I think a more fitting metaphor would be “Flatulence to begin leaving the presidential backside after midterm elections.”Of course, that means where’s the “smoke” there’s “fire” and the crap that is the administration’s brains would certainly explain the gas it produces.


It cannot happen soon enough.


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