Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families. These people would be wise to get Secret Service protection, arm themselves and learn to use their firearms.

We are now learning that left-wing domestic terrorism groups are openly discussing “kill team” tactics on Twitter and Facebook, discussing methods of carrying SBRs (short-barreled rifles) under their clothing, blending in with crowds, then popping out of the crowds to assassinate prominent conservatives such as U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices and prominent conservative radio personalities. All this was first reported by PJ Media.

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I bet that’s not against community standards.


As much as I don’t like the privacy issues involved with NSA monitoring everyones phone calls and social media posts this is what the system was set up for. One good thing, the NSA isn’t run by a bunch of incompetent boobs like the FBI, they take threats like this very seriously and have the power to come down hard on anyone posting threats of this nature.


Posting comments on social media about committing murder is a crime in and of itself. It’s called terroristic threatening. As they are elected officials it becomes a federal crime as well. It’s time to get the US Marshal Service, Secret Service and all other LE agencies and begin rounding up those who are making the threats. If not, one of the looney left will attack and possibly assassinate one of the members of the Senate.