Loser lefty talker wants Limbaugh to die

by editor on February 4, 2009

mike_malloyThe bad news is that Mike Malloy, perhaps the world’s most vile talk show host, actually said he wants Rush Limbaugh to die.

“Some horrifyingly intense America-hater like Rush Limbaugh, who appears to be morphing into, seriously, he is morphing into Jabba the Hutt. Um, I’ve seen some recent video, this guy is enormous. He just keeps bloating up. It’s, it’s just, I hope he keeps going because that means he will soon croak. Like I said, eventually, he will choke to death on his own throat fat.” (Click here for audio)

The good news is that no one heard him say it. Malloy’s program is carried by only 12 affiliates, some in markets so small they’re ignored by rating services. Rush is on more than 600 stations and probably has more listeners on one station (KFI in Los Angeles, for example) than all of Malloy’s listeners combined.

Malloy is an insignificant pimple on Rush’s butt. Not a pretty thought, but also not inaccurate.

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the claud

Rush Limbaugh is our generations Liberace. Its sad that the republian and conservative party has been taken over by homosexuals who have no concept of morallty or respect for women. I believesome men may be gay because they have issues with there mother or grow up so consumed with wanting to please a father that is unresponsive. Rush limbaugh and sandusky both have the disconnect with real women like mothers and daughters. Rush has been marrieed 4x, a pill head caught in going to Dominican with a pedaphiles suitcase while on probation. In the words of Daniel Carver “wake up” He has learned that most people wont stand uup to bullying, Sandusky and Limbaugh have the same MO. Why do people follow him blindly look the other way. , why do you want to b a dottie sandusky to rush


What about me, CS? I’m a Libertarian. Should I die a horrible death too, because I don’t believe in what you believe in? Gee, that’s so liberal of you.

Conservatives Suck

I hope every republican dies a horrible death. By the way you right wing morons, there is NO god.



Mike Malloy is a petty & angry little man. I have listened to this clown on XM-167 more then a few times, & all I ever hear from him is absolute hatred of anything & anyone left of Hugo Chavez. He yells & swaers on the air all the time(but not crossing the FCC lines of decency) about Rush, about Bush, about capitalism, & he bemoans the fact that he has trouble staying on the air. I listen & laugh AT HIM not with him, but he wears thin very quickly.

I’m supprised he has’nt been offered a gig on BSNBC yet. I guess when they sack Special Ed, Malloy can take his 70something year old @$$ & have a stroke on live television. Must see TV.

Note to “progressive”, have a look into the history American progressivism starting in the early 20th century. Not too much to differentiate it from the crap in Russia my family fled back around the time of the Bolshevik revolution. Don’t kid yourself, “progressivism”/socialism/marxism/statism/collectivism always goes too far & ends very badly. Authoritarianism will be the result.

Michigan Man

What is unbelievable is that we have a GOOD example of how badly communism ends right here in recent history. I think they called it the USSR? These morons think there is a happy medium there somewhere. They are SMARTER then Lenin or Mao. Hell, they had to wait until there was nothing left but waste in their countries and then they overthrew them.
Ask anyone from the Russian monarchy about how communism starts. Oh wait… you cannot ask them… they were all murdered by the communists. Hmm…
I see that “Progressive” left. I guess he did not want to debate the FACTS. Oh yeah.. libs spell “FACTS” this way: “ACORN”…. 🙂


Michigan Man,
Thank you for your fight against these fascists.
Our new motto should be the old motto,

Michigan Man

Here! Here!
Let’s give our founding fathers a big salute for having the foresight to draft up the Bill of Rights.
Fight the good fight, brother.


Progressive, are you for real??? “Bush came close to winning” ? He won every recount, every investigation by every news organization. Period.
Unlike Franken or Gregoire (in WA) he was never behind, not once.
It was Gore, who like Franken, wanted to only recount in counties where he figured he had the best chance to pick up or fabricate the votes to win. Need I remind you that these were democrat controlled counties where the fools couldn’t figure out the voting card – never mind the bald faced attempts
EVERY ELECTION to suppress the military vote. I’m sorry but your quoting of scripture to support statism/fascism/socialism is way off the mark.
I’m sorry, but for votes to count, the law requires that they be cast correctly and legally. There is no way you can divine “voter intent ” from a spoiled ballot. And your bunch of nazis are the same ones that decry any attempt to prevent voter fraud with simple things like an ID. Hell, you can’t even cash a check without an ID but somehow that’s just too tyrannical for your bunch. Why? Easy, because you don’t believe in the rule of law. At least you don’t call yourself a liberal because you aren’t. You obviously are a progressive of the bent of Woodrow Wilson and FDR who saw no problem throwing Americans in jail for speaking against them and for skin color and race! Fascists all!! No, you are not entitled to my money. I give to charity , more last year in real dollars than that piece of sh*t VP on a fraction of his income. Conservatism is all about freedom for the individual.
And don’t even hang the whole big business thing aroung our necks, you guys demonize them to get more controll and then, when attention is elsewhere, Obama has rewarded them with bailouts and freebies. Just look at Wall Street and GM -only 2 examples of many. Again, bother to open your mind and read “Liberal Fascism” and you may never call your self a progressive again. It’s the left that has kept the ultra-rich that way by regulating the little guy right out of business – Bunch of jack booted thugs!!!!


I wish I could have the forethought to write as well as you, Wes.
I get so worked up when I read this liberal/progressive tripe that I cannot even think straight.
Right on the mark when it comes to them crying foul and then running off. Just like our “friend” and fellow countryman JUST did on his reply to my post. Funny, he NEVER did answer the claims I made. He could only attack me and my beliefs.
As for the voter fraud. I will sum it up with one acronym, A.C.O.R.N. It has been around for a long time now and since it has been brought into the spotlight about how corrupt they are they want us to turn and look the other way.
Jack-booted thug is too nice a saying for them.
I wish they would ALL see that most of us who call ourselves conservative are not mean-spririted, stick it in the little guys arse people. I make a modest living. Because I own a modest home in a modest suburb where the crime rate is low, I am a hypocrite. I should feel guilt for working 60 hours/week while going to college 20 hours a week for three straight years. Hell, I am STILL paying off the student loans. No one gave me a free ride. I paid, and I am still paying, for it. I have what I have BECAUSE I worked for it. BECAUSE I made the difficult sacrifices when I was in my 20’s. I wanted more for me and for my family. I achieved it on my own. I refuse to have any one of these asses rip that away from me only because someone else did not do EXACTLY what I did.
I had a D (1.72 GPA) average in high school. I got no grant money. I got no scholarship. I paid for it all. I graduated college with an A (3.92) average. The reason why? Because I wanted it more than the next guy. That IS the American Dream. You see an opportunity to work hard and make something of yourself and you SACRIFICE things for it.
You and I agree but the moron who should be reading this has already bailed because he could not force his progressive bullcrap down our throats. I am honored to call myself your countryman, Wes. Fight the good fight. We will prevail.

JD, alabama

Well. I’m stunned. Another progressive abandoning what he recently believed in. Case in point: unable to cram his view down others throats, he insults them and leaves in a snit still convinced of his own rightousness and how the country would be better if we’d only do what he wants.

The thing is, they won’t be asking us for much longer. They’ll be telling us. At gunpoint. And imprisoning those who resist.

Michigan Man

Well, we can hope that the foundation for our republic is enough to hold onto when they strip away the rest of our rights.
The only hope I have is that they will not have the Supreme Court, (and Sotomayor), decide on whether the Bill of Rights can be overturned. I am sure that is where they want to head next after shoving government healthcare down our throats.


Let me get this right – JD says the problems with liberals is that they want to force everyone to adopt their ideals (like equal rights, equal access to health care, ended a mistaken war in Iraq – those bastards!!!), and MM says he doesn’t like the “lifestyle” that liberals push? Hm…I’m assuming that means that you are against things like gay marriage. If that is the case, then who is forcing their views onto others here (“I don’t believe that queers should get married, so that means all them folk have to live the way I tell them to’).

The very definition of hypocrisy.

You know what, you folks are retarded. I wash my hands of this entire thread. I thought that maybe you idiots could see Limbaugh for the racist, corporatist, drug addled schmuck that he is, but you folks obviously couldn’t find your own asses with both hands, a road map, and a Sherpa to guide you.


WTF is wrong with you?
He DID not say that. Then again, I expected this from a libtard.
No one EVER mentioned the war or equal rights?
You don’t like my view of something? Stop listening!
No one even said anything about homosexuals! Sheesh! This proves my point. You rock! Maybe some left-leaning recent college graduate will see these posts and realize that libtards read WAY too much into everything!
You are the hypocrite. You just proved it. JD said, “Change the channel”.
Limbaugh is popular BECAUSE he is POPULAR. Malloy is NOT popular because he is NOT POPULAR! It is all about who draws more listeners. There is NOTHING more “democratic” as how much market share a radio show gets!
And yes. I am against gay marriage. I am ALL FOR SAME SEX CIVIL UNIONS. If you want God out of politics then you cannot have the RELIGIOUS word “MARRIAGE”!
I want EVERYONE to have EQUAL RIGHTS. That does not mean that they can run all over my religious rights though.
I do not judge a person by their skin color, social status or sexual orientation. I judge people by their moral fiber and intellect.
Sherpa? Wow. You had to google that one. You want to reduce this to facts next time? I will debate any libtard BASED of facts.
Follow me some more. You just keep proving my point!


Even as a retard(BTW,I am wearing a helmet)I understand that socialism is for everyone, EXCEPT THE SOCIALIST. Do as I say, not as I do. One set of rules for you, one for the elites & ruling classes.

The other thing you might not know is that freedom is the solutution to the human condition. That might explain that we as a free nation, was able to become the greatest power in the history of the world in a very short time.

As for your crack about gay marriage, lets talk about marriage…& guns. There is nowhere in the constitution about marriage of any kind. It was more or less a social norm & religious contract, but since it is not adressed in the constituion, it goes to the states. That’s why the age of consent differed from state to state, & now whether states will recognize gay marriages from other states. Why do I bring this up with guns? Because the 2nd Admendment is about the right to bear arms, so when Senator John Thune, R;SD introduced a bill that would allow someone who has a legal conceal-carry permit to carry legally nationally, it was opposed & defeated by the many of the same people who want a gay marriage performed in SanFran or Vermont to be recognized in Texas or Utah. Even though guns are in the constution & marriage, gay or otherwise, is not. So much for our constitutional rights.

Michigan Man

WOW! Thanks for opening my eyes to the two of these issues in such a new light. Seriously. I had an inkling but what you say is spot-on.
I am the one who should be wearing the helmet now. 🙂
I have always held the belief that the reason the left wants the word “marriage” is so they can begin to tear at the fabric of the Christian church.
Like I said before. If they want a “CIVIL UNION” that will allow them the same rights as me and my heterosexual partner, (I.E. my wife), then fine. But somehow that does not suffice them. They want the word along with it. What if we change the word “marriage” to “scrambled eggs”? I think it would not matter to them. They want whatever we want to call it for some reason.

JD, alabama

The problem with liberals is they expect other people to adopt and live by their ideals. Or else. They don’t like guns: no one can have them. They don’t like religion: ban it in every public arena. They don’t like Limbaugh, et al: Can’t just change the channel, must force them off the air. They expect, feel entitled to, impose their views on everyone. And make the rest of us pay for it as well.


Well, I am sure that they would disagree with us.
The left feels that we do not know what is best for ourselves so they will handle it for us. We will see the error of our ways if we only let them do what they think is best.
I used to just keep my mouth shut when they would spew their twisted view of reality. I can no longer bite my tongue. They are TRYING to change my religious views by telling me I cannot espouse the fact that I am a Christian and do not agree with the “lifestyle” agendas they push.


“I stopped being passive with libtards, (to quote a commenter here), back in 2000 when we had to deal with “hanging chads” in Florida just because they hate losing.”

Yeah, right…no need to make sure that every vote is counted in a representative democracy. Bush came close to winning, and that’s good enough for us brain-dead conservatives.


Again, a libtard upset because they were beaten.
I am glad to see you are following my posts. You are making it FAR easier to make my point.
Brain-dead conservative, huh?
Amazing. Simply amazing that this is the BEST you can site.


You know, Michigan Man, I wasn’t going to comment on your moronic BS, but I guess everyone has their breaking point – your bald-faced idolatry for Limbaugh and lust for all things conservative is really kind of sad. Conservatism has some good ideas, but at what cost? Didn’t Jesus say :

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.

Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'”

Now the mantra of the right, the supposed Christians, those that are moral and honest and don’t have a hating bone in their body (according to the postings above) seems to be “I got mine, Jack. Get Bent.” Very nice.

As for Limbaugh, Goldberg, Hannity, Beck, and the others, well…if you are a follower of their drivel, then you deserve what you get. The sad part is, you’re gonna drag your whole country down with you.

Progressivism, liberalism, is about all people having equal rights, working for the common good of the community, society, country, etc… You conservatives are about stepping on another person’s throat to get more stuff, cow-towing to business to keep the wealthiest one-percent amazingly rich while the rest have to hope they don’t get sick or lose one of their jobs, because if they do they could be facing financial ruin in short order. But that doesn’t seem to matter to you Uber-Christy types. And before you start saying that Obama is the reason for the economic upheaval America is going through right now, remember that Clinton handed Bush a surplus and had balanced the budget. Of course, I don’t expect that nagging little fact to change your minds, blame Obama, blame the left, just don’t pay any attention to that little war the right lied us into, resulting in a ballooning debt.

Sometimes, I just have to shake my head…


Did I say I idolize Rush?
You are the moron. I am tired of putting up with the left-wing bullcrap any longer.
You are a typical libtard in the fact that you READ things into what people say or do.
Quote Chapter and Verse if you must but the Bible ALSO says that we are to be fruitful.
It also speaks of having the COURAGE to stand up to those who think that God should be removed from everyday life.
I do not put my own needs before those of God’s. I do draw the line at giving someone a hand-out when they DO NOT deserve it. I am WILLING to help ANYONE out there to HELP THEMSELVES. I give to my church. I tithe! I give my time to local homeless shelters. I give my unused items to charity.
I am not RICH! Hell, I barely pay my bills each month. I also live a MODEST life you ass. What about you?
You want to throw everything away that you have?
How about the PC you are using right now? I am sure there is a needy soul out there that could use it to get a job.
This country was BUILT by people who wanted to give EVERYONE the chance to succeed! I am not going to bow down to you or any other human for that matter. I am a free individual in this country. I am allowed to succeed or FAIL as I have done both several times.
You are so narrow-minded! Conservaties WANT everyone to succeed. If everyone is working and making MORE money then we all pay LESS taxes! DUH! I want EVERYONE to realize the American dream! No matter what color they are. No matter where they come from! I want them to have the fire in their bellies that I have. My father had it. He had NOTHING! He had a fourth grade education and NO MONEY when he came to Detroit in 1945! My grandparents had that fire too.
If you don’t WORK for a goal how can you HONESTLY expect everyone else to “pull you along” so you can achieve what they achieved? That is un-Christian. That is wrong to give to someone who only takes because they did not want to work to achieve!
Grow up! This is supposed to be a Republic of independent states. Not a facist or socialist country.
If you want that then do all of us FREEDOM loving, no-fear-to fail Americans here to fend for ourselves and move to Europe.
Spew your tripe to someone else.
It is unwise to throw out scripture when you think your poop does not stink too. Are you living in a cardboard box under an overpass? I highly doubt it.
BTW, Clinton is the one who set up the MESS at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Wanna see a copy of the memo SIGNED by him? I have the link.
I USED to be a libtard. I saw the light in 2000 when the best they could give us was Al Gore.
Also, the national debt has TRIPLED on Obama’s watch already. As stated earlier; grow up!