A new record: New MSNBC host forced to apologize for his comments after only seven nights on the air

by editor on October 11, 2010

Seven nights. Far as we know, this is a new world record for fastest apology required by a new host of a cable news network show.

TheBlaze.com has details of Lawrence O’Donnell’s apoplectic apology:

A comment made during a Tuesday evening broadcast has attracted some unhealthy attention to MSNBC’s newest prime time host, Lawrence O’Donnell. In scripted comments about RNC Chairman Michael Steele “dancing as fast as he can” for his “master, the Republican National Committee,” O’Donnell straddled the line of political correctness and needlessly characterized Steele, an African-American, as a kind of slave.

In response, Steele reportedly phoned O’Donnell Wednesday, demanding an apology, which he received as the MSNBC retracted his remarks Wednesday evening:

Of course, MSNBC has so few viewers that O’Donnell could have called each of them to make a personal apology and still had enough time left over for his manicure before the show.

Source: TheBlaze.com

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steven pasillas

~Pearlcat~ You are right! Out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaks

steven pasillas

Journalists like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner and Peter Jennings were the last of a true breed of respectable men who knew their topics and were confirmed by 2 or more solid sources. You have stuck your neck and your avowed ignorance to say that John Hagee is an anti-Semite ; Nothing could be further from the truth . He plays a leadership role in ” Christians United For Israel and everyone except you knows it ,nor did you know that God being Loving and Omnipotent has nothing to do when people who are evil plan and execute murder , we have a free will to execute things without God intervening . He always judges in the end because he doesn’t need a jury, he knows the heart of men .


HystericalThe freaky self righteous liberal says he’s sorry–and then goes on to say no one on earth says they’re sorry except HIM. These freaks are so depraved, biased , and wicked in their hearts–there is just no reasoning with them at all. All Liberal views are built on the foundation that God doesn’t exist or he agrees with them–not the Bible. Once you understand that–you will see that no conservative point will EVER be conceded by them


Lawrence O’Donnell is an “on the edge of reality” type guy. I’m sure we will enjoy an apology or two every so often as he tries to out-do Olberdouche.


O’Donnell is a total jerk.


So you are saying he is perfect for MSNBC then?

matthew s harrison

personally, I was very embarrassed for Michael Steele, who made a huge deal out of a term that could mean different things to different people.
By reacting that way, he gave odonnell credibility, and made it obvious that the RNC has odonnell on their radar-which is kind of funny, since odonnell is about 9 blocks left of christine matthews and ralph maddow.
This was an example of a man who has been listening to al sharpton and jesse jackson his whole life-and is himself a RINO-and has no business at the helm of the RNC.
And therein lies the reason for odonnell’s fervent and vivacious apology-cause he was just glad that more than 1 or 2 conservatives and potential turn-coats were watching the horseshit he and MSLSD call a television broadcast.
Embarrassing to all conservatives that the leader of the RNC has such thin skin, and his vagina hurts so much from so little!


These liberal networks rely on sponsors for their income correct?
(Unless these netowrks are being subsidizing with tax dollars)
It would be great to see an organized mass boycott of liberal TV, the silent majority is the majority after all..
It would be glorious to see them held accountable, grab the libs by the Boo-Boo and watch them change their tune


ok that was nice but was it necessary to bring up the emails and what nots? I mean it is not as if Steele did them and why should he take responsibility for something someone else did? This was about something that was said or done to him…


We can only hope ComCast cleans house when they assume control of MSNBC as part of taking over NBC.


Now THAT is an apology! I am so sick of the “non-apology” apologies… “if what I said offended anyone…” – But this one was genuine, and classy. It’s too bad that it seems unlikely that the rest of the Left would take this as a positive example. I’m sure they are going to rake this guy over the coals and say, “why should he have apologized like that to the racist RNC”…

Lawrence O’Donnell – Class act sir.


I disagree on the class act. If I wait until the person I insulted calls me to demand an apology, then all’s it is is a basic apology. A better person would have apologized the minute he knew he’d stepped over the line, and a true class act would surely realize the racist connotations in what he said and not said it in the first place. It is a lot like not swearing — if you swear all the time, these words will eventually trip you up and embarrass you — the words he said are an indicator of how he feels and how he talks when he thinks no one is listening.

Then again, class acts on the Left should have been calling for his apology, too. Where is ol’ AlSharptonThePerpetuallyOffended and the NAACP on this?

For some reason, I just don’t recall the cries of outrage.The problem is, for the Left, racism and bigotry is OK, as long as it is *their* racism and bigotry.

That’s how you can explain ex-Klansmen in public office like Robert Byrd. To be a (supposedly ex-) racist and liberal is OK, but to be the same thing and conservative gets howls of outrage.

Don’t get me wrong — I do not advocate racism for conservatives — it is just perplexing to me that something like that would be acceptable to anyone anywhere.


Special-ed class, maybe.


Well, let’s see a real apology from you then.

I’m offended by the use of the word “all’s”

“ALL’S it is”?


O’Donnell really stepped in it with that remark. The guy strikes me as being a loose cannon, so MSNBO should expect this to happen again and again.


That was class. You know that Keith UberJerk or Rachel Madcow wouldn’t have the guts to make an apology like that. Now let’s sit back and wait for him to put his foot in his mouth again.

Pittsburgh Z

Word…I disagree. Right after the playing of Steele’s phone message O’Donnell referred to the word Steele found offensive. Not that he himself was offended by his own use of the word. He apologized IF Steele was offended. Nothing more…

That is NOT a real apology. That is the trick of the Communist Libs. They apologize if anyone was offended. Not that they ever realize that they were actually offended.

O’Donnell is a piece of crap….


MS who?