When MSNBC says we’re in a double dip recession, we think it’s safe to say we’re in a double dip recession

by editor on August 3, 2011

The people at MSNBC are usually unable to write a story about Barack Obama until they put down their pompoms. Usually is the key word, because they just announced – uncharacteristically – that we have officially entered the second dip in a double dip recession.


Friday’s news on GDP shows the double dip has arrived — an expansion of only 1.3 percent and consumer spending up 0.1 percent in the second quarter. Astonishingly low by any account. The debt ceiling trouble and lack of a longer term resolution to the deficit will make it worse. 

The U.S. has entered a second recession. It may not be as bad as the first. Economists say that the Great Recession began in December 2007 and lasted until July 2009. That may be the way that the economy was seen through the eyes of experts, but many Americans do not believe that the 2008-2009 downturn ever ended. A Gallup poll released in April found that 29 percent of those queried thought the economy was in a “depression” and 26 percent said that the original recession had persisted into 2011.

MSNBC said this? Uh-oh. They are about to enter the dog house currently occupied by Fox News.

Source: MSNBC

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MSNBC said that? You must have misunderstood them.
They were actually at Carvel asking for a double dip cone.
Obama’s water carriers will never admit to any of his numerous failings.

The Obumbly Obomster

Double dip? Oh siht.

Buck O'Fama

I think MSNBC is bothering to mention this now because they are setting up to spread the Krugman/Reich Keynesian nonsense: “Hey, there’s a recession because the Tea Party won’t let us spend any more money!” Because if they can convince people there was a recovery until early 2011 and then another recession began (right after those extremist Tea Party people got into Congress) they can pretend it’s all those terrorists’ fault: “Obama’s ‘program’ wuz workin, ya see, ’till you rubes elected those Teabaggers and screwed it all up!” Watch for this POS meme to unfold in the coming months.


Shoot. I was gonna make a sarcastic remark on the lines of, “Well obviously we need to raise taxes, duh.” but I’m afraid you’ve got it right, and there’s no room for sarcasm left.


Good point, Buck. If you see MSNBC telling the truth about something, it MUST be as a set-up for their next lie.


A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

A depression is when you lose your job.

A recovery is when 0bama loses his job.


WIN- End of thread/




Boy that must have really hurt to have to admit that their boy and his policies are causing the double dip. Where there any doctors on hand to assist with all of the pain and suffering.

Joe Redfield

You’re giving them too much credit; their take is that economy is still in the tank despite El Presidente’s policies, not because of them. Evil corporations and their extravagant jet aircraft are causing all the problems, which can only be fixed by more government spending(and borrowing) and much higher taxes.


Don’t these f***ing parasites understand that when you poison you’re host, you’re poisoning yourself? Do they think that they will be unaffected by the death of this nation? Do they believe that a few innocent deaths (innocent deaths here means their deaths) is tolerable as long as the goose is cooked (USA and capitalism)? Have they figured out how to determine which among them will be the innocent dead? Do they realize that when the killing starts, they’re going to looks just like everybody else? Do they think?




They’re parasites!!! They don’t have enough foresight or imagination to see that the result of their actions is the death of their only means of support.

Enough foreskin, maybe, but not foresight.


“They are about to enter the dog house currently occupied by Fox News.”

Nope, No how, No way! MSNBC will continue to have Barry’s c**k firmly lodged in their throat, but Douglas A. McIntyre will be looking for work in another field, probably a corn field.


Q: What do you get when you have a recession during a depression?


Pittsburgh Z

Really, who here thinks we ever left the first!?

Big Al

“Eat your peas America”-BHO.