Naked Obama on a unicorn. Yeah, we knew that would get your attention.

by editor on January 4, 2010

We know art is supposed to be open to interpretation, but we honestly don’t know what to make of this…uhhhh….art.

There seems to be a strange underground art genre comprised of Obama and unicorns. To make it even a little more disturbing, Obama is often nude in the paintings.

Our first thought was that it was parody. You know, making fun of Obama’s idyllic socialist dream world where peace and love and unicorns can be found.

But no, it seems to be serious. There are lots of artists, but one in particular, Dan Lacy, seems to have turned naked Obama and unicorns into a cottage industry.

Just one quick comment on riding a unicorn naked: Can you imagine the chafing?

OK, this is all just too weird for words. So let’s just get to the 14 “works of art.”

“Chafing Forth in Victory”

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That woman in #7 better be Michelle, or he gots a whole lotta ‘splainin’ to do. 😉


Some artists have no respect for mythology … unicorns are only ridden by the virginal pure-of-heart. Instead, how about using, as his steed, a New York rat?


Chicago rat, in honor of his political roots.



at least few of them had clothes on him but just weird.


This may be the nerd in me… but #5… after seeing that, an obvious reference to Fallout 3 with the vault uniform and Pipboy.. I don’t think I could ever touch that game again.

neo bonbon

oh no.. you mean I am not the only one who loved fallout 3 on this site?

I am still trying to figure out if that game was anti-American or not.


Best not to over think any political message and read into it. I view it as one of those “what is war’ stances for the narrative take home message (among others).

If this game was not set around post apocalyptic D.C. would it still have the same connotation?

Some people I know are still trying to push Bio Shock as being on par with Ayn Rand’s actual novels. Sure there are some minor themes and the mood of the novels is there with the set pieces but no way in hell is a game like that on the level of a Rand work of literature. Besides System Shock 2 was far more scary (back in the day I know… Still that was a creep fest!).

Others say a game like Arkham Asylum is as good as the comics. As good as some of the animated series TV show was yes… The comics? No quite.

I just take an experience (song/movie/video game) for what it is worth. Like Avatar. Sure there is that whole eco nut message to it. The big push of anti military and anti technology and anti corporations (real life hypocrisy of teaming up with McDonald’s and having the $500 million production cost paid for by a big corporation aside) message did not make the movie less fun to watch. That is what the adult mind is for- to filter out the crap that would otherwise be taken in as ‘fact’ but the unformed mind which lacks a critical factor.

Plus the Avatar itself was TECHNOLOGY made by a CORPORATION for use by a MILITARY force… Too funny.

Fallout (the whole series) rocks! That is all that needs to be said about that. Even it if was crafted to be anti American… In the USA we have the right to have that type of speech and expression put forth. That is a right given to citizens and is even a merit to the USA, albeit in an abstract way.

Under Obama and the Dems there seems to be more and more protection for what is deemed ‘anti American’ and ‘pro America bashing’ there there is for Pro American expression and love of and pride for the nation (even punishment by the MSM for outwardly showing that you love liberty and love the USA). That is another topic altogether though.


Otherwise this painting is brilliant. It is absurd as Barack’s presidency and as fantastical as his agenda. His nudity is a metaphor for his lack of qualification and life experience. The Unicorn? My only guess as to what this represents is his political base. Soon to be only a myth.


Way to go ‘art’! Now you ruined Unicorns for all the preteen girls out there, as well as for the Gays who still believe in/love them! Nice job…

Are you going to go door to door and offer consolation to all those distressed parents who have to tell their little girl that it is no longer, under ANY circumstance, okay enjoy Unicorns?! When the little girl asks why- man that will be one awkward conversation…

That painting just pisses off liberals the most. Obama has his balls, taint and butthole on that Unicorn’s naked back.


Yes, that painting depicts cruelty to imaginary animals of the highest format! People For the Ethical Treatment of Fantasy Animals will not stand by and let that happen! Fun fact: The members of PETFA are actually less insane then members of PETA are- wow! Who knew? Everybody…

Nice job Obama! Its was bad enough that you ruined the USA- now you have to go and ruin Unicorns too? Why don’t you just tea bag a rainbow while you sign a new tax hike bill into law as well?! Ruin that was well too… JERK!!

This will wash the scum of having to have seen Barry’s Unicorn Ride and Rape off of your eyes:

Pat from Michigan

Wow, this brings back memories of Naked Jimmy Carter on a Griffin – that was big. Naked Ronald Reagan on a Russian Bear – my personal favorite, Naked JFK on Naked Marilyn Monroe….oopps, sorry wrong collection.

BTW that Obama celebrating New Years seemed to be having a little bit too much fun.




Dans cartoon series “Faith Mouse” is conservative. I do believe he is a conservative. Bush supporter and pro military.

Big Al

That is some creepy stuff-reminds me of a video.


“Dan Lacy, seems to have turned naked Obama and unicorns into a cottage industry.”

How very “capitalistic’ of him! How ironic, too, that he should make a profit off of a man who hates our (mostly) capitalistic society!


Good grief…it will be a long time before I can get this picture out of my mind. Ick!


oh yuck.


creepie — Freud would have a lot to say about the unicorn, in this case tho it looks like my little potus riding my little pony


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