NBC wants to know what the Secretary of State thinks, so they asked her husband

by editor on September 24, 2009

One would think NBC wouldn’t have to ask Bill Clinton’s opinion on Iran and Afghanistan. Because everyone knows his solution to dealing with terrorists is to call the police. Nevertheless, they spent eleven minutes asking the ex-President about his wife’s issues. International issues, that is.

No one’s ever accused us of being Hillary Clinton fans, but even we can understand why she’s getting really tired of carrying Bill’s lunchbox and being the Secretary of State in name only. Being betrayed by your boss and husband at the same time would wear on anyone’s nerves.

By the way, are we the only one’s who noticed the irony of this story being on the “front page” of MSNBC’s website, while the story “Ex-Clinton aide indicted for ‘stealing’ millions – Democratic fundraiser with links to Obama is charged in pyramid scheme” was buried in the politics section?

Maybe NBC can interview Chealsea Clinton next and ask her what mom and dad think about that.

Source: MSNBC.com

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Hillary who? I don’t feel sorry for her. She tried to cram Health Care Reform down the throats of the American people and failed. Then she wanted to be President and force her stupidity on us. After Obama won, he wanted his “enemies close” so he offered her a job and she was too dumb to take it. Now he is throwing her to the curb. Says a lot about the man and the women.


NBC is Controlled by Obama and his henchmen…
It is time for CBS or ABC or SOMEONE to call them out on it.

If GE keeps getting money from Obama it doesnt matter if NBC is profitable or not….NBC will continue to be OBAMAS mouth piece, in turn for more money….I thought STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA should be avoided at all cost…..BUT OBVIOUSLY NO ONE OUT THERE CARES ENOUGH TO CALL THEM OUT ON IT!!!!!

How does it feel to have part of your money go to NBC to talk up OBAMA all the time…..

Which brings me to Full Metal Jacket

“You’d ….. a person in the …. and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach around. I’ll be watching you”

Problem is no one is watching him……