New NYPD Team Will Hunt Down Lost iPhones With Apple’s Help. We smell Nanny Bloomberg’s hand in this. Stolen iPhones are MUCH more important than real crimes like rape, assault and murder. We await further announcements about new NYPD teams to investigate Big Gulps and trans fat fried food.

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Check out the link in the middle of the article for a few laughs if it’s still there. Or

“8 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Facebook”

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Nice to see once again Bloomtard and the Police have their priorities straight.


Keep your GPS
Off my SKS!


This is all an experiment. If they are successful in locating the phones, the next step will be to insert tracking devices in all firearms using Apple technology.

matthew s harrison

Its great that the State’s preferred tracking device for the masses garners a whole “major crimes” unit inside the NYPD, while the security on the subway is so lax that a person every week is pushed in front of a train to their death. All this while nanny Bloomberg has decided to take sugar, salt, big-gulps, and now styrafoam out of the hands of the unwashed masses in the burrows.
I am so glad I don’t live in that clusterfuck of a “city”…..Escape From New York!