If you like NPR, you’ll love the “Newspaper Revitalization Act”

by editor on March 26, 2009

Democrat senators are battling to see who can introduce this year’s stupidest proposal. Ben Cardin of Maryland has raced out to an early lead.

His “Newspaper Revitalization Act” would allow papers to convert into not-for-profit entities. Zap. They get big tax breaks. But Cardin justifies his nonsense by saying that the new non-profits would be prohibited from running editorials. You know, like NPR.

Obviously, Cardin’s bill is designed to give deep-pocketed Democrat Daddy Warbucks a chance to turn any paper into a tax-free source of promulgating propaganda.

Sure. Why not? After all, NPR follows that same basic business model and you can see how well it’s remained impartial while sucking at Washington DC’s distended teat.

Source: NewsBusters

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I am curious about what the readers’ opinions would be here. I wonder if the sharp decline in newspaper circulation is due to technological change (people get news from tv / internet etc) or is due to the very pronounced bend to the left. My guess is its 70-30 technology. Opinions?


This is wonderful because as we all know, liberal propaganda works best when it is NOT in editorial format.

When writers and editors change words in a subtle way so a reader hardly notices is most effective at shaping opinion. Always refer to conservative as far right while referring to any democrat as moderate or nuanced. Never mention party affiliation of a politician under investigation when its a democrat, but make sure the very first two words of your article start out with ultra conservative when doing a story about a republican under investigation.

This is going to work out marvelously!…except for the fact that nobody will read a preaching, liberal rag no matter how not-for-profit it is.