Obama Approves Direct Funding For Hamas. Looks like the USA is now officially in the business of terrorism. Netanyahu should cancel his visit based upon this premise.

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Yeah Flash, the ONE promise he keeps……


Wow, it only took him a couple of weeks after the inauguration to move forward with his true agenda.
Trying for the big gun grab, weakening the military, financing our enemies, what’s next? Is he going to sell us off, one piece at a time to China?


We have to make cuts to social security, cuts to police, cuts to fire departments, cuts to our military including their meals, we simply do not have the money. But we seem to have to money to finance Hamas, send weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, and billions for the f**king Useless Nations. Uninformed Voters/Useful Idiots have to be the stupidists SOB’s on the face of the earth.


Netanyahu should as the sub title suggest to say SCREW IT, we are alone now and must take all measures to protect ourselves.

No pretending at all for der leader, he is a true non bathing muslim willing and hell bent on bringing the fight here on our soil. When Hamas sends in one if its suicide bombers will the limp wrist try and claim work place violence. Just like he has done in the Ft Hood massacre?

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

And how many billions are we giving to our enemies this time?


Yaweh’s gonna get him.