More proof that kissing ass does work in diplomacy. But only for the bad guys.

by editor on August 16, 2010

This story is slightly confusing, so please bear with us as we attempt to unravel it for you.

It seems that our Diplomat in Chief has advanced beyond mere bowing and scraping and moved on to full-fledged bribery. Mere cuddling up to Vladimir Putin and company wasn’t enough so the Obama administration used something that every Russian mobster understands – cold, hard cash.


Obama kisses Putin's ass. Putin kisses Ahmadinejad's ass. Ahmadinejad laughs his ass off.

According to the Telegraph UK, “The Pentagon plans to buy ten Russian military helicopters for Afghanistan’s fledgling air force at a cost of $180 million (£119 million), ignoring protests from Congressmen who say US aircraft should be considered.”

Oh, sure, a few token Congressmen have a hissy fit because the helicopters are not being purchased from American companies, who as everybody knows, are doing swell these days.

What these sad, pathetic, shortsighted congressmen don’t understand is the fine art of diplomacy. Sure, we’re getting these expensive ass helicopters from Russia, but there’s a good reason – we are trying to win Russia’s support to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Now do you get it?

In a completely unrelated story, CNN reports that “Russia will start loading a nuclear reactor in Iran with fuel next week, moving the project closer to being complete, both nations said Friday. This event will symbolize that the period of testing is over and the stage of physical start-up has begun,” said Sergei Novikov, spokesman for Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency.”

So who says Obama’s strategy of sanctions on one hand and promises on the other isn’t working? Looks like it’s working fine for Iran and Russia.

Source: CNN, Telegraph UK

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So we give a frenemy money and our frenemy is even MORE of a friend to our enemy… great. Obama and his people are geniuses.


Per the caption, “Obama kisses Putin’s ass. Putin kisses Ahmadinejad’s ass. Ahmadinejad laughs his ass off.”

This will probably become Michelle Obama’s next recommendation for how we should combat childhood obesity… “How to Slim Down those thighs!”


If Bush was in office the tards would be screaming “war monger” and demanding we “end the war now”.